7 steps that will help to prepare for the move

Absolutely no matter how many things you have and how far they need to move - the move requires a lot of time, energy and concentration, and quickly turns into a tedious job. Editorial Heroine will tell you how to distribute tasks in stages and to cope with the population to the new location without any extra nerves.

Plan 1.

7 steps that will help to prepare for the move

Before the move to appoint a date, you need to write a plan. Take a sheet of paper and describe the way you see your move, what you need for new housing in the first place, and that is much less. Think about how you'll carry things and do not forget to calculate the time that you need to pack.

At this stage, you also need to ask your friends if they can give you support on a particular day, or you will have to use the services of a special company for cargo.

2. Learn

If you already know where you're going to move - to explore the area. Check the presence of a number of hospitals, markets, supermarkets and hardware stores, which can be necessary at first. If you drive a car - pay attention to the road circuit and check the level of congestion at different times of the day. And if you have a dog - look for places to walk in a new area. Spend some time at trying to find a suitable company for the move - be sure to find movers with low pay, but good reviews.

3. organize

7 steps that will help to prepare for the move

in advance to visit the place where you're going to live, and to determine the number of items that you need at once and immediately. Remember that the less you will have things and boxes - the less the cost will move, so do not forget to properly prioritize.

4. Write the

Make a list of everything that you need in your new home. Do I need a face-lift? How soon do you need a seasonal change of wardrobe? Do not forget toiletries and other items to save time, such as a hair dryer. Be sure to save the list to the day X and check that nothing is missing after the move.

5. Packaging

Using your list, pack things in boxes designed for this purpose. They can be divided into three categories:

  • Small box - small, but heavy objects. Suitable for carrying books and a small but heavy equipment, such as machinery. They should be used to help a person to bear the heavy most effective way.
  • Average box - for small and medium-sized items such as towels or small household appliances.
  • Large box - for the transport of small and light objects.

to pack a few weeks before moving to avoid fees at the last moment, causing stress and delay.

7 steps that will help to prepare for the move

is marked 6.

Labeling your boxes will allow baggage handlers to determine which boxes can be put down, and what up, as well as to determine the boxes of fragile items. You also simplify your life, if you mark which box should be in a room and ask them to place it there.

7. loads

What you will need in the first place - it is sent to the machine last. It is at this point you will be useful labels and stars on the boxes.

If you hire a car - must determine the route by which you go, and find a parking space. Check whether a new house a freight elevator, and pay attention to other important details that may hinder you when carrying things.

Have you ever moved?