Russian hockey player Dmitry Black: biography and career in sports

Dmitry Chernykh, Biography and sporting career of which are described in this article, is a famous Russian hockey player. During his career, the striker played for many Russian clubs. At this time playing for the Moscow "Spartak".

Biographical data

Dmitry Chernykh, a photo of which is presented below, was born in February 1985 in Voskresensk. In hockey it was no coincidence. The boy's father, Alexander Chernykh, was once a well-known player, Olympic champion, world and Europe.

Russian hockey player Dmitry Black: biography and career in sports

On the first years of employment by hockey Dmitri struck his precocious complexion and physical education. Many experts have expressed confidence that the boy is waiting for a brilliant athletic career.

The first steps in hockey

Dmitry Chernykh years of hard training quickly produced results. The young striker was invited to the Resurrection "Chemist" in the youth team, and then - in the primary. In the 2001/02 season took place debut for 16-year-old hockey match in Russian Premier League. Dmitry Chernykh played in the first half of the regular season in 7 matches, but failed to score in them a single point. In this regard, he was sent to the second team, where he proved to be a very good side - 9 of goals and 6 assists in 28 matches.

The next championship Dmitry Chernykh becomes a player in the first team from Voskresensk. In 29 games he scored 9 (5 + 4) points, and also managed to attract the attention of the coaching staff of the youth team of Russia.

Professional career

After a successful performance at the Junior World Championships 17-year-old hockey player Dmitry Chernykh hits the NHL Entry Draft, where he chose the club "New York Islanders". However, the striker did not want to go overseas. He signed a contract with one of Russia's most famous clubs - CSKA Moscow.

In the first season for the new team Black showed good results - in the 46 matches he scored 10 goals and 8 times assisted teammates. But even these statistics young striker did not help him stay in the Moscow giants.

In search of a new club Black is in the team, "Mechel" from Chelyabinsk. But here his performance was far from ideal: in the 22 games he has only once managed to hit the gate rivals. As a result, after the completion of the championship, "Mechel" broke the agreement with the hockey player.

Russian hockey player Dmitry Black: biography and career in sports

Season 2005/06 Dmitry Chernykh started as part of Orsk "Southern Urals", but due to the poor performance of (2 thrown washers in six games) was forced to look for a new team. She became a Belarusian club "Khimik-SKA" from Novopolotsk. There striker 31 played match, which scored 12 (5 + 7) points.

A bad experience overseas and wandering around the club

In 2006 Dmitry Chernykh had the second opportunity to play in the US, and this time the 21-year-old striker refused. So he was in the club, "Dayton Bomberz" jutting into the United States Hockey League East Coast. Originally entrenched in the starting lineup by the end of the season, Dmitry Chernov spent more time on the bench for a replacement. Eventually he had bouts 37, in which the washers and scored 5 gave 4 assists. After the completion of the championship, he decided to return to Russia. At home striker has signed a contract with Nizhnekamsk "Neftekhimik", but held him only 4 match, then I ended up in HK "Ryazan". Here he is in the 22 games managed to score 15 (7 + 8) points.

Russian hockey player Dmitry Black: biography and career in sports

Season 2008/09 can be called the most successful in the hockey career. He was the player of the basic structure of the Ryazan club has played in 64 matches in which scored 21 and the puck 24 times assisted teammates. It is also very well in the playoff series.

After a brilliant season Black moved to Togliatti "Lada". Here, the case in the Russian striker did not go so well. In 46 matches the regular season he succeeds only dial 8 (1 + 7) points. In the 2010/11 season statistics only worsened - in 13 games, Dmitry scored only three assists. In this regard, in the middle of the championship of the Black he moved to Moscow, where he continued his career in the "Wings of the Soviets."

As part of the "wings" to Dmitri returned almost its optimum form. In 30 matches he scored 13 (4 + 9) points, and then decided to perform again for HC "Ryazan". But here, the striker is not particularly pleased their fans effectiveness - only 10 points in 24 games. For this reason, he had to finish the game Championship in Almetyevsk "Neftekhimik".

Season 2012/13 Dmitry Chernykh well spent in Novokuznetsk "Metallurg", and then moved to Moscow "Spartak". But here again he showed poor effectiveness, which is why at the forward end of the championship had to change the team again. Dmitry became the new club "Toros" from Neftekamsk. Here he spent two fairly good season, and then moved to Ufa "Salavat Yulaev". Unfortunately, here too the striker could not stay long.

Russian hockey player Dmitry Black: biography and career in sports

Dmitry Chernykh joined the ranks again in Moscow in 2017, "Spartacus." According to a hockey player, this time he will try to show their high skill trainers.

for the national team appearances

In 2000, Dmitri Chernykh was summoned to the location of the junior team. At the World Championships he played three matches in which scored an abandoned washer.

Two years later, striker in the youth team of Russia went to the World Championship. Here he spent 6 matches, which scored 5 (4 + 1) points. It was after this tournament for the striker drew attention to the coaches of famous Russian clubs, including CSKA Moscow.