Trendy wedding colors of the Pantone 2019 Experts

wedding color - the most difficult choice, after choosing a life partner. Not only do you decide on what shades to stop, but also determines the atmosphere and theme of the celebration.

Special chic - to use not just a combination of two colors and a palette, harmonious, but a non-trivial. Weddingwire service and Pantone color experts of the Institute amounted to some wedding color schemes that will be relevant in this year.

Love in the colors of

Trendy wedding colors of the Pantone 2019 Experts

This palette is perfect for a wedding in a botanical style - in the garden or under the open sky. It combines elegant pale pink with bright shades of fuchsia, green earth and neutral grays.

The main materials for decoration in this palette: tree, green, metal, garden flowers and dried fruits. If the words "new vintage" and "flower" sound to you like a good idea for a wedding - choose "Love in the colors."

The Golden Hour

Trendy wedding colors of the Pantone 2019 Experts

This palette is named after the most beautiful time of the day - a minute before sunset, when everything is illuminated by the warm light. Bohemian luxury metallic gold shades soften the natural bright spicy hues: orange, reddish-brown. Very romantic, natural and at the same time refined palette.

Do you want to make the interior more warm and adds to the gold decor natural materials - dried grass and wood, as the interior of the house Lannister from Game of Thrones in a rustic style.

Paradise found

Trendy wedding colors of the Pantone 2019 Experts

As you already understood, this palette is inspired to escape to paradise island. It is suitable for weddings on the beach or create an atmosphere of a beach wedding, no matter where you are.

In the palette of "Paradise Found" is widely used color 2019 - coral. Together with turquoise, pale blue and green hues juicy it forms Neskuchne tropical blend. An excellent opportunity to add to the bar menu smoothies.


Trendy wedding colors of the Pantone 2019 Experts

If you dream of a wedding in cool shades - you'll like "Midnight". This palette combines traditional colors - dark blue, gray, white and shimmering glamorous fuchsia and purple.

"Midnight" is suitable for unusual vintage wedding: her alive, but cool shades - a good alternative to traditional black-and-white and pale pink festive palette.

Blue, gray and white color, leave the clothes, and purple and fuchsia - for floral arrangements. In addition, the range of "Midnight" is perfect if you want to use in the wedding decor velvet.

What is the palette of these do you like best?