How to wind the hair on curlers: step by step guide

Curls - one of the most feminine and beautiful hair styling. Wavy curls make hair more visually dense and voluminous, and the ease of creating a hairstyle makes it the most popular. But not everyone knows how to wind the hair on curlers. So it makes sense to consider ways of stacking with different devices and different length strands.

How to wind the hair on curlers: step by step guide

Preparation for installation

The success of the process of creating a hairstyle depends on hair cleanliness. Therefore, before making a perm is necessary to wash the hair with shampoo, use the usual air conditioning or a balm.

To work with hot hair curlers or hair styler need to pre-dry the best - naturally. Irons on the soft curlers curls should first bit dry.

styling products

Whether to use before curling styling - the question is individual. Thin hair is in need of additional volume. Therefore, the wet strands should apply foam and distribute it.

It is important to use the right amount of styling mousse, as an excessive amount of money weighing the hair, and the hair will be short-lived. For curls middle length (up to the shoulders), the amount of foam must be commensurate with the size of the average tangerine. Distribute the mousse can be the fingers or a comb with a few teeth.

How to wind the hair on curlers: step by step guide

For thick and heavy use of hair styling products before curling optional. In addition, it is important to apply the foam to the type of scalp.

The wave of short hair

How to wind the hair on curlers with a short haircut - the most simple question. Firstly, the need to own a small amount of devices for winding strands, and secondly, laying on short hair lasts longer. But the complexity is dangerous to make unruly strands. Therefore, most owners prefer short hair is not fine curls and smooth waves that smooth hair, give shine and volume. Styling is better to use Velcro rollers on the medium or large diameter.

To understand how to properly wind the curler on short hair, you need to consider technology to create hairstyles step by step:

  • are divided into uniform hair strands with a comb;
  • each strand is wound strictly from the root to the surface of rollers;
  • the tip of each strand may be the best pin for fixing.

The wave will be more resistant to damp hair. Therefore, the strand can be wetted with water from a spray or sprinkle varnish. The duration of placement - about 30 minutes. It is important to make sure that the hair is completely dry.

After removing the curlers, you need to comb your hair and put with a brush, and then with lacquer. For basal volume, you can use a special spray, dry shampoo or powder for laying.

The wave on the average length of

According to statistics, most women prefer to wear hairstyles medium length. Therefore the question of how to wind the curler over medium hair is more than relevant.

Stylists are advised to curl the hair from the face to the strands do not fall on your face, hair and wearing comfortable. To quickly make a beautiful and natural curls, you need to buy long hair curlers or boomerangs.

How to wind the hair on curlers: step by step guide

Long curlers are tubules of a twisted rubber of flat spiral. The range includes different sizes of boomerangs. They must choose, based on the desired hairstyle. For soft and light curls fit large diameter rollers for elastic curls - small. Boomerangs use is very simple:

  • hair over the entire length uniformly wetted with water from a spray or a special tool for laying water-based;
  • flat strand, wherein the width must not exceed the width of the rollers is separated with a comb;
  • boomerang straightened fingers to smooth the rubber strip;
  • strand at the root is pressed against the edge of the boomerang;
  • strand along the entire length is distributed over the entire length of the rollers;
  • rollers is released and the lock remains stranded.

perm time is 20-30 minutes. The final step instructions on how to properly wind the long hair curlers, is the removal of the curlers, combing hair and retention by means of a varnish.

The wave of long hair

Happy holders of long hair are often faced with the complexity of the choice of installation. Sophisticated hairstyles require a lot of time, while the wave takes a minimum of time and allows you to get a nice result.

Before how to wind the hair in curlers, you need to choose a good fit for curling.

Curlers - curler presenting a long foam tube, inside of which is a wire. The advantage of these products is the variety of possible ways to use.

As an example, should consider the classic method of how to wind the curler, curlers.

How to wind the hair on curlers: step by step guide
  1. The hair need to carefully comb the entire length and moisten with water from the sprinkler. Freshly washed strands can not moisturize, but just wait until the hair is dry almost completely naturally.
  2. To begin with you need to perm the hair from her face. The strand to be separated from the total mass comb upward and accurately wind the strand over the entire length on the curlers.
  3. papillotte bent for the best fixation.
  4. The wave is carried out in the direction from the forehead to the nape of the neck, then curl the hair on the parietal part, and finally - the strands on the sides of the head.

After removing the curlers, you need to comb your hair with your fingers, lock curls varnish, and after - comb hairbrush.

Curling tips of

For fast and simple installation is not necessary to twist the hair along the entire length, can make perm tips. This styling makes the hair more visually manicured, while not consuming more than 20 minutes.

Technique of how to wind the hair on curlers, no different from the ordinary wave. But in order for hair to straight hair at the root portion and the curled tips looked naturally, you need to carefully comb the curls and give the root of the volume.

Radical volume using curlers

With curlers can not just turn straight locks into curls, but also to give a beautiful and natural head of hair volume from the roots. Of course, easier to use styling products. For example, foam, spray basal amount of dry shampoo or hair spray.

How to wind the hair on curlers: step by step guide

But the sensitive scalp or allergic reaction to the components of styling products may preclude their use. And then come to the aid of rollers. But what you need to do to get the result of a luxury as the advertising photo? How to wind the hair on curlers, it will be interesting each indifferent to his appearance a woman. To create a basal amount of devices you want to use Velcro medium or large volume. Strands from roots sprinkled water, divided into uniform sections, after which rollers are fixed at the root zone, so that the sensed tension strands.

In order to speed up the results and fix it, you must use a hair dryer. Strands should be handled until completely dry. After 30-60 seconds is recommended to dry cold air.

After that, you need to carefully remove the curlers, gently pulling on them, and comb your hair brush from the roots.

Helpful Hints

Women often face a problem: despite the fact that the rules of how to wind the soft curlers, are strictly observed, spectacular styling does not work.

How to wind the hair on curlers: step by step guide

First of all, we must understand that to create beautiful hairstyles need frequent practice. The first wave may turn out unsuccessful, but after several attempts, during which will be developed their own techniques for working with hair, you can achieve a good result.

  1. Curler should be removed only after the complete drying of hair, otherwise, styling quickly disintegrate.
  2. A lock must be screwed to the curlers with a slight tension, not just wrapped around their surface.
  3. Do not cheat on curlers wet hair.
  4. The number of curlers for curling should be sufficient: for long and thick hair takes a few packs of devices for curling.
  5. The wave from the roots during sleep harms the blood circulation of the scalp, that is, in the end can lead to hair loss or thinning.

The range of tips on how to properly wind the hair on curlers Velcro curlers or boomerangs, are selected individually. To do this, try different ways of curling and assess the outcome of each.

Care Curler

curling devices require regular and careful maintenance. After each use, clean the rollers need to be washed from the hair and with any shampoo. After that the product needed to dry and put in a separate bag until the next use.

How to wind the hair on curlers: step by step guide

Therefore, the wave - a quick and easy way to create a desired image from tight curls and volume, to light waves and elegant curls. In contrast to the styler, hair curlers do not cause harm, do not hurt and did not desiccate them. So you can use them often when there is a desire to look beautiful, well maintained and modern.