How to travel alone and have fun

Traveling alone - one of those things, which is more frightening in theory than in practice. This is not only a way out of your comfort zone, but also freedom, self-exploration and empowerment. Heroine will tell you that you need to do in order to feel confident in his first solo tour.

Choose the right direction

How to travel alone and have fun

Travel alone is not as difficult and frightening as it may seem at first glance. Just make sure that for the first time to choose a place where you feel comfortable. This may be a region located close to the city where you live, or a well-studied site, which has been together with their parents or friends. If you want to expand their geographic boundaries, choose a completely new direction. Better to go to the country where the well-spoken in English or accustomed to tourists, such as Iceland, Turkey, Thailand and most other places in Europe or South East Asia.

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Plan your route

How to travel alone and have fun

Our best advice - travel plans, and always have a backup plan at hand. So you will not have to worry about where you stay, what to see and how to get from point A to point B. Make sure to take at the front desk of the hotel business card in which you live, in case you get lost, and the taxi driver did not know the way. Pre-download all the necessary travel application - translators and guides, who work offline.

Explore the local culture and traditions, to avoid becoming a victim of embarrassing misunderstandings. For example, the pictures of the temple or enter into it without first taking off shoes in India is offensive. If you want to fine spend their holiday and not to spoil relations with the local people, an understanding of how to behave, it will be of great value.

Do not waste your money for nothing

How to travel alone and have fun

Have to plan the budget - a great way to keep yourself afloat. So you'll always know what you need to spend money, and when to save. Prices of flights may vary greatly depending on the month, day and even the time, so be prepared to be flexible in order to trace the cheapest flights. If you book your tickets to the destination need right now, consider a flight with an intermediate stop, which are often a cheaper option. Not to buy gifts at the souvenir shops, especially in the airport area, better go to the local bazaar or flea market, watch for seasonal fairs and sales. Try to bargain with the sellers if cultural practices allow, but do not insist too much.

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Take care of safety

How to travel alone and have fun

Before the trip is also important to take care of security. Take a picture of your passport, insurance and any other important documents, and do not forget to upload them to the cloud data store, or send itself to e-mail, so you can access them even if you lose your phone. Money is best to bring in two formats - cash and credit card, and it is desirable that they lie in different places. Leaving the hotel, take it with a minimum required amount of money, leave the rest in the room - as in the case of loss of money on the street you can avoid force majeure.

It is organized and tell intimate details of his route - exactly where you want to go and where you will stop every night. Tell them what you do for the whole trip - so you will feel more secure, but if something happens, they will know where you are. You should not tell anyone that you travel alone. Try to act like you know where you're going, because people may try to take advantage of those who looks scared or lost. Do not forget to bring pepper spray with and always gone to close its geolocation.

How to travel alone and have fun

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