The use of oxygen water, which you did not know

Water and oxygen - two essential elements that accompany us throughout life. On their quality and interaction in the body depends on performance of organs and cells supply important nutrients. We met with representatives of the company "VITA-V" and learned what oxygen water, which they drink it and who need it in the first place.

What is the oxygen water

The use of oxygen water, which you did not know

Oxygen water - drinking water saturated with plenty of oxygen. The oxygen enters the body together with water, easily absorbed. The advantage of the oxygen in the water is rapid transfer of cells without oxygen free radical oxidation. Our body is very sensitive to lack of water and oxygen - there is dry skin and premature wrinkles, reduced immunity, there are headaches, problems with memory and concentration, always want to eat and sleep. Oxygen water is only effective the first 15-20 minutes after opening the bottle - drink it is necessary as soon as possible, until it has become a common.

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What it is useful for the organism

Oxygenated water is an antioxidant, triggering efficient process for removing toxins from the body. Absorbed through the intestinal wall, water saturates the organs with oxygen, activating their work and increasing the body's vitality. Daily consumption of 2 liters of oxygen water has a beneficial effect on the functioning of all body systems:


  • accelerates wound healing and maintains the muscular activity;
  • activates the brain, improves concentration and memory;
  • To enter, digestion, normalizes the weight and improves the appetite;
  • Improves skin, cleaning it of toxins and slowing down the aging process;
  • Allows you to quickly cope with stress and fatigue.

Who should drink water oxygen

The use of oxygen water, which you did not know

The positive results can be seen after a few months of regular use of oxygen water. Athletes begin to cope with high physical activity is better, they have increased stamina, decreased heart rate and respiratory rate, and the muscles recover faster after intense workouts. Climbers and mountaineers easier to tolerate the lack of oxygen, and travelers - acclimatization. For those who love alcoholic party, easier to survive the hangover symptoms - relieve headaches and fatigue, cleanse the body of toxins and alcohol residues. Expectant mothers helps to easily transfer toxemia and relieve tension.

Schoolchildren, students and workaholics helps to withstand the high mental stress. Oxygen water required cities residents residing in a shortage of fresh air.

Where to buy

The use of oxygen water, which you did not know

Founded in 1996, the company "Vita-In" for more than 20 years working in the market of non-alcoholic beverages, and since 2007 is the owner of the trademark premium oxygen water "VitaoxyV", registered by the Madrid Agreement. This allows the company to sell its products in Asia, Europe and America. "VitaoxyV" - the purest natural drinking water with a surprisingly mild taste and a minimum content of mineral salts. It is produced from mining source Burgshtalkvelle, in the environmental area Austrian Alps. Here in Austria, it is saturated with oxygen, and bottled in a special three-layer bottle, allowing to preserve the activity of oxygen within 18 months.

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Oxygen water "VitaoxyV" repeatedly received first prizes in various categories and competitions: "Innovative product PRODEXPO", "Best Product Prod Expo", "Best Brand of the Year", "the XXI International professional competition brewing and soft drinks." You can order oxygen water company's website or through exclusive distributors of its cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov, Krasnodar, Ufa and Chelyabinsk.

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