7 bad habits that prevent your career

Diploma and experience may not be so important, if you still have not learned how to behave like a professional. Tell which errors in behavior can interfere with your boss to see the potential and make a career. They are characterized by both young employees and those who no longer a novice in the business.

1. You can not for a long time to concentrate on one task

7 bad habits that prevent your career

This quality is attributed mainly millenialam and the next generation after them - tsentenialam. People who have grown up with the gadgets in their hands, it is difficult for a long time to keep the attention on one task.

If you every two minutes to pull the phone and react to all the notices, then obviously you do not look like a person who is interested in their work. Leave notifications when important messages and postpone smartphone side before the break or the end of the day.

2. Complacency hinders career development

We write a lot about how important it is to value yourself, do not be afraid to express an opinion and to demand an improvement in working conditions. But do not confuse confidence with arrogance and ignorance. Do not hesitate to admit they were wrong. If you do not know anything for sure, do not pretend to be an expert in this matter. So you can not put yourself in an awkward position and will be open for new experiences.

To consult with a colleague or supervisor - does not mean to be incompetent, if you do not abuse their help.

3. Talk more than listening to

7 bad habits that prevent your career

Learn to be an active listener - this is important for both work and personal relationships. Without this skill it can not be any interaction in the team. Thoughtful treat to colleagues and understand what is required of you - is as important professional quality, as the knowledge of their industry. Often, empathy and the ability to effectively communicate with people are some of the main criteria when choosing a candidate for the position in modern companies.

4. Avoid phone calls

Despite the fact that millenialov hard to tear away from the smartphone, many of them are afraid to live phone calls, preferring correspondence by mail or in chat messengers.

It seems that in the printed text much easier to formulate a thought, and not forget anything. But the panic fear of calls does not add credibility to you as an employee.

If your job requires it, try not to forward the communication to the messengers. Telephone conversation may not go as smoothly as correspondence, but you have more opportunities to emotionally influence the interlocutor and to understand it better.

5. Not able to accept or express criticism of

To grow in the business, you should be able to get feedback from colleagues, superiors and customers. Do not just listen to the silence, but to separate the constructive criticism from the emotions and draw conclusions.

If, in response to the comments you always try to justify or acquiesce to everything, you will be hard to bring their ideas to other people. Learn to argue, insist to take criticism or to express it in relation to colleagues and do it all within the framework of business etiquette, do not get personal.

6. ignore rules to seem cool

Misanthropic genius like Dr. House or kamberbetchevskogo Sherlock inspire us to what is to follow the rules is not necessary. They spit on other people, easy to violate the chain of command - and this is their coolness. It is a pity that in the life of such a rebellion will give to you immature teenager who is still trying to prove something to the world. Any company valued employee who is worried about his job, is able to act as a team and adequately assess his place in it. These are the qualities that help you grow and succeed, not to show others how you're daring.

7. Trying to do everything at once, and

Praise multitasking is twisted in the opposite direction: instead of the niche market is filled with candidates, those who know how little of everything, and therefore do not really know how to anything.

When you say that it is ready for any position in the company: from the programmer to the marketer, resume or fill out a bunch of non-one skills area - this is not a sign that you're a good employee. On the contrary, the employer sees that you are spraying and does not understand well enough in any direction.

Now to the fore once again it leaves no vertical and horizontal career growth - that is, deepening their knowledge in a particular industry. Try not to explore as many different things, and become an expert in one particular and you will be a valuable skill.

And what hinders the development of your career?