Starting the New Year's resolutions

New Year's Eve behind, and with it - while the motivational speeches and solemn promises. Today is the best day to remember what we raised glasses, and start a new life. Heorine, as always, ready to help you do this. We have gathered the most popular New Year's vows and tell you how to proceed with their implementation.

The promise: more exercise

Starting the New Year's resolutions

Or even begin to deal with it. Proceed to implement this promise right after New Year's seems unreal, especially if you have had a long break.

We offer not undertake serious load, and start gradually, without stress to the body and moral effort. Let it be a total of 20 minutes of simple exercises a day. Gradually increase the time and complexity to the end of January to get used to regular training.

Not measles myself for that, as you seem to move a little. Take into account all kinds of activities - if you every day you walk at least 30-40 minutes to climb the stairs instead of the elevator, walk pass a couple of stops, or doing exercises in the morning, your way of life could be described as healthy.

The promise: to save money on the dream

Starting the New Year's resolutions

In order to understand how to start saving money, find out what you're spending it. Make a detailed plan: how much money you have now, to list all the necessary monthly expenses. Determine what you spend the most. More resolutely, from which you can refuse: rarely dine in the cafe, to use public transport instead of a taxi, try menstrual cup instead of disposable hygienic products. A revision of the wardrobe - it will help to avoid unnecessary expenditure and switch to more sustainable consumption.

To do all this, you do not need to wait for a special moment or additional income. Turn to financial planning, and the available funds will themselves.

The promise: to eat

Starting the New Year's resolutions

As with sports, the transformation of healthy eating a habit takes time. Do not try to drastically change the holiday feast severe restrictions. Do you want to give up sweets or fast food - a promise to myself to begin to use them less often.

Rather than blame yourself for junk food or deny, just try to reduce the portions and a couple of times a week, allow yourself to eat what you want. Also, sometimes, to make your favorite meals healthier, just enough to slightly change the recipe.

The promise: to improve their working conditions

Starting the New Year's resolutions

If the work does not bring pleasure, it's time to figure out how to fix it. Decide exactly what you want: a promotion, salary increase or no change activity.

Analyze what you need to do. Do you think that your work should be better paid or higher position you deserve, you must understand to whom you should talk about it, and what arguments bringest. Sometimes, to seize the position, just enough to take the initiative. Changing jobs - pomasshtabnee goal, but start to go for it you can now. Browse jobs that are on the market, think what else wanted to do. Dreaming about his case, try to start its implementation in parallel with the main job.

The promise: to communicate more with friends, family and improve relations with partner

Starting the New Year's resolutions

Improve your relationships with others - the purpose of not less inspiring than to strengthen the financial position or develop in their careers. The nice thing: for that you almost do not need physical effort.

Visit relatives, with whom she had not seen for a long time. Spend the day with your family. Arrange a meeting with your friends. Suggest a partner to have a common hobby.

Plan meetings, appointments - so you will fit them in your schedule easier and make regular.

What promises did you give yourself this year?