How to prepare for childbirth that they have passed as easily as possible

How to prepare for childbirth that they have passed as easily as possible

back pain, leg swelling, fatigue, sleep problems, fear of pain during labor - all of these factors can significantly dampen the child's waiting time.

"Fairy Tale Expectations" - is a modern school for parents with experienced teachers with professional medical education. Here women receive accurate information about birth and how to recover quickly after them, as well as breastfeeding and child care. Prospective parents practice dismantled, how to behave during labor and attempts, as a result no longer be afraid of childbirth, because after the training is well aware that with going to the body until the baby is born. Heroine talked with experts from the school and learned how to maximize ease pregnancy and prepare yourself for childbirth.

1. Do not forget about the fitness

How to prepare for childbirth that they have passed as easily as possible

If you saw the two strips of dough - it does not mean that it's time to forget about the sport. The choice of exercises during pregnancy depends on how you endurance, in what trimester you are and how you feel. If there are no contraindications for physical activities there, the fitness benefit.

Fitness for pregnant women - is not just a set of physical exercises, but also a system of relaxation breathing techniques. Classes allow you to feel a surge of energy, normalize breathing, get a good stretch and strengthen the muscles. You will forget about the pain in his back and is constantly aching back, you can withstand the extra stress on joints and muscles and prepare the body for childbirth. Learn more about fitness for pregnant

2. Walk on water sessions

How to prepare for childbirth that they have passed as easily as possible

If you want to facilitate the process of childbirth and child for themselves, learn to change the intensity of respiration and relax in between contractions, then water aerobics for pregnant women - this is one of the best options for childbirth.

Soothing water environment will allow you to easily perform more exercises than usual training. Classes also help relieve tension and swelling down, relieve back pain and joint pain, get a good stretch and fix problems with sleep. In addition, in the pool you have more freedom in movement, and all the exercises, including leg raises, are considered safe at any stage of pregnancy.

Do not forget to drink enough water during akvatrenirovki: despite the fact that in the water you do not feel sweating, you still lose fluid. Dehydration can lead to uterine contractions, so keep a bottle of water next to the pool.

Learn more about water aerobics

3. Record on training courses

How to prepare for childbirth that they have passed as easily as possible

Many women feel anxiety and fear of childbirth. Such a state is completely natural and is connected with the forthcoming new life experience, as well as the unpredictable nature of the birth itself. After learning about what is happening to your body and the baby during pregnancy, how to ease childbirth and care of the baby, you svedesh fear of the unknown to a minimum. To help expectant mothers to prepare for the upcoming event, the school "waiting Tale" developed the program "Parent University", which consists of 4 courses: "Successful delivery", "child care", "Breastfeeding" and "Psychology of childhood and family ". All program courses are interrelated and offer a wide range of structured knowledge about the process of childbirth, care of the baby and the mother's own health.

You learn the skills of breathing and relaxation, learn to distinguish between true and false contractions, do yourself a massage anesthetic and behave properly during childbirth. Learn how to avoid post-natal stress, how to feed the baby and prevent cracked nipples, access a variety of developing techniques and psychological basics of child development.

Also, you can sign up for a crash course where you will be offered to make out the basics relaxing breath on battles and attempts, posture during labor and anesthetic massage. Classes you can go alone or with a partner that will give him the opportunity to help you in the first stage of labor.

"Caesarean section" enroll in a course, you can prepare for a planned caesarean section, learn about pain management methods, how to behave during and after the operation.

Learn more about the courses

4. Find a helper

How to prepare for childbirth that they have passed as easily as possible

If for some reason in the prenatal ward you be nobody, but give birth alone you do not want to support you during labor may doula - a professional assistant who provides psychological support: helping to breathe in the battles and attempts, making anesthetic massage, tells how to behave properly in the process of giving birth and that he wants from you doctor. Learn more about the services Dole

5. Use aromatic oils to relieve tension and pain

How to prepare for childbirth that they have passed as easily as possible

Aromatherapy is able to alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness, help you feel calm and relaxed during pregnancy, as well as reduce pain during childbirth.

You can use the aroma lamp, aromamedalon hang around his neck, to ask you to do a foot massage, or simply apply a little oil on the hair.

Nausea well help the natural oils of lemon, ginger and peppermint. Lavender, chamomile and lemon balm to soothe the nervous system, and frankincense, geranium, ylang-ylang and tangerine reduce fear and anxiety, relieve pain during labor. Every body is different and brings different flavors, so before you go buy aromatic oils, it is better to turn to a trained aromatherapist.

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