9 reasons to pre-New Year blues and how to handle them

Tight deadlines, strained relations with his family, uncontrollable snacking, short daylight hours and cold - both in general can feel easy and fun this time of year? While pictures of happy families, basking in the fire, fill the pages of magazines, shop windows are hung with garlands, and all the shopping centers have switched to a cheerful jazz music, for most of us it is the most stressful time of the year. We collected common causes that evoke sadness and anger on us, and simple ways to deal with them.

1. It is easy to get sick

9 reasons to pre-New Year blues and how to handle them

Even if you've done all vaccinations on time, they will not protect against the common cold. Just in December, it is easier simple - enough to run out feverish after the gym on the windy street.

How to solve: Next to it that every day you slept enough, regularly ventilate the room, and try to avoid crowded places. Do not forget to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and to prevent dehydration.

2. Food and drinks more expensive

9 reasons to pre-New Year blues and how to handle them

If you have already arrived on New Years Eve - be sure the prices in the store you do not please. Hypermarkets are usually issued for promotional products, bright tags persuade you to spend more, and you can easily find yourself for the purchase of 100 teas in one box - although the tea you drink once a month.

How to solve: in advance Plan, what are you going to eat and drink in the New Year's week. Follow so that the dishes were hearty and simple - you have little time to cook, and toasts at corporate parties on an empty stomach is just not worth it. Finally determine the list of guests for the New Year's Eve, and gather the festive menu and decide which products to buy optional. Polls friends, they prefer to drink, and discuss how you divide the cost of the table.

3. Ambient require fun

The farther away, the more the pressure is mounting on your mood. If you are successful millenial, you just can not miss an important party at a favorite club and have to smile to the question "how are you?" By colleagues. To joke about fake Christmas toys quickly tired - but you're not obliged to demonstrate all the happiness, if it does not actually feel.

How to solve: instead of forcing yourself to go to the event, which is absolutely not strong enough, spend the evening at home, mastering new asanas or visualizing your desires for 2019. Remember that after the chime strikes midnight - your friends will not go away, which means that you always have time to spend with them a little bit of time and have fun.

4. All recalls your solitude

9 reasons to pre-New Year blues and how to handle them

Your friends have already decided how they want to celebrate the New Year, and you in his plans not included. At the party, all were divided into pairs and see the faces of colleagues at corporate parties already fed up just yet. Psychologists say that it was New Year's Eve people with anxiety experience a serious concern in relation to social norms and believe that with them that something is wrong, once they meet the holiday alone.

How to solve: Get rid of the embarrassment of his life's journey. The fact that you're alone - does not mean that you are an inferior person or something unworthy. The life of a single girl has a lot of advantages, which we have written more than once. Do not discount an amazing experience to meet something new in loneliness and share the magic chimes battle only with themselves.

5. In social networks people celebrate more fun than you

It is difficult to avoid comparisons themselves with others in the New Year holidays. If you have a lot of work, problems with relationships and severe psychological trauma history - any photo shoot "ideal family with a perfect life" may be for you a blow to the gut.

How to solve: Remember that picture on social networks does not reflect the real state of things. Many of your friends may seek to re-create the perfect holiday at least in the photos, but behind the scenes will quarrel and worry about the scarcity of the table.

6. Everywhere crowd

If you have claustrophobia or simply fear of the crowd - do not go this time of year in the central city streets and shopping centers. The favorite stores certainly are formed queue, and winter sports at all easy to forget.

How to solve: Take advantage of online delivery when purchasing gifts for their loved ones, as well as transfer the plans to skate on holiday vacation. If you still had to be in the crowd - do not forget about security measures: give up wearing high heels, do not take valuables with you and try on a maximum free hand.

7. It is difficult to pick up the warm, but beautiful clothes

Few people want to look like a caterpillar in a down jacket, but given our cold, often have to sacrifice appearance for the sake of keeping warm. At the same time you can buy bright bright dress for the holiday, and then seriously regret the money spent, because the second occasion for fitting it there soon.

How to solve: If you want to cheer yourself up, take to work an extra set of clothes, which should not be warm for you outside. Use bright accessories like replacement shiny and bright prints and a variety of its glittering makeup pigments.

8. New Year promises boring

In the new year, I lose weight, become richer and will advance their careers - who among us did not say these words his New Year's Eve? In this case, confidence in their own words is usually a little too vague tasks and little discipline.

How to solve: in advance make a list of goals, painted in detail each step. Take into account the need to consider not only the plans in detail for the year, but also for each month separately. Make a collage and Narrow your dream as accurately as possible - as if to make a wish genie that and strive to turn your wish.

9. It seems that you have not had time to anything

Given that the deal with the increasing workload in the New Year's Eve is difficult, a feeling that you did not do the job. Nothing could be brought to perfection, and then you remember that very rusty on their own interests.

How to solve: Make a list of accomplishments that have happened this year. Consider not only documented the events, but also to develop a habit, such as: giving up coffee or ability to clearly focus on creating a plan for social networks.

How do you deal with the pre-New Year blues?