8 principles of life, you need to know the modern girls

You do not have much time before the new year, which means that you need as your strengths and weaknesses as soon as possible to identify and find out what you want to achieve. Become the best version of yourself is easy, if you are constantly cultivating. Use these principles and the process to achieve the desired will go even faster.

1. irreplaceable no

8 principles of life, you need to know the modern girls

It is said that up to the top of the mountain is not difficult, much more difficult to stay at this altitude. Someone else is sure to rise to your mountain, and come to the place where you are standing. You should not be upset, it's just one more reason why you need to constantly work on their skills. Learn, reflectors and continue to improve - only then you can qualify for new positions and get more opportunities than your competitors.

2. Do you - what you consume

Show that you watch, the books you read, the food that you eat - all this makes you who you are. If you feel exhausted and recent look at all pessimistic - start with changes in these habits. Try to see just what makes your life better - for example, educational lectures or positive stand-up show. Pull yourself out of your comfort zone and try to change the favorite genres - it will certainly affect your perception of the world.

3. Every action has a value of

8 principles of life, you need to know the modern girls

Imagine that your every action - a small brick, which becomes part of the wall. What kind of wall you want to show people a year? Even small steps not only affect how your day goes, but also on what kind of image you create a whole. Any action becomes an important base for everyone to be able to understand what kind of life you live and what is worthy.

4. The error in planning = planning errors

Preparation of all that awaits you in 2019 is very important, and if you want to make a successful year, you need to sit down and spend a couple of hours of deliberation of what you want to achieve. Calculate your plan for a month, for the quarter and six months, sign, what stage the changes you would expect. Write monthly goals to the scheduler and try to make sure that you can see them at any time of the day, so as not to forget. Ahead of its own schedule and enjoy the results.

5. Always look for sources of fear

8 principles of life, you need to know the modern girls

Our penchant for procrastination often originates in the subconscious fears. Perhaps you are afraid not to perform a task, ashamed of what not to bring something to the end, or spend your time on something less useful. Think about which category your fear and start to deal with it.

6. You do not win anything until you start doing

No one achieves success overnight, so that an attempt to figure out how to quickly become successful and rich, will not help you absolutely nothing. Of course, you can try to play the lottery - but you need to at least buy a lottery ticket. Hard work - that's what helps to learn the lessons, to make mistakes and get everything they want.

7. Reputation counts

8 principles of life, you need to know the modern girls

What do you think about the surrounding - it is still important, although no one has the right to dictate to you what to do. Reputation speaks for itself, and the way you're behaving, - impact on the opportunities that come your way. Watch to ensure that your actions were consistent statements on social networks are not contradictory, and pay attention to how quickly it pays off.

8. It is important to be able to risk

To grow, to resist fear and earn success, you need to constantly break out of your comfort zone. If the last few months of your life has changed too small - definitely worth the risk to get more.

And what principles are guided you?