How do transom wheels for PVC boats with their hands

Boat fishing is not only able to simplify the process of catching, but also to increase productivity. That is why many fans of this type of holiday to take an appropriate flotation device on the body of water.

Today, the sale are a variety of models of boats. They differ in size, weight. To deliver the watercraft on the pond, transom wheel should be used for PVC boats. Own hands to create them is not difficult. This approach will save money the family budget.

The appointment of the wheels

Wheels are needed to transport a boat on the pond. They may differ a number of parameters. In any case, you can make your own hands transom wheels for PVC boats 360, 250, 390 cm and other swimming facilities.

How do transom wheels for PVC boats with their hands

It should be noted that an empty boat to move from the car to the river is not difficult. However, if it is already stacked gear and equipment, attached the engine and other required items, transportation process is complicated. In addition, there are situations where the path of the vehicle is found stranded. To cross it, you need to completely unload the boat. To simplify the problem in this case, it is necessary to provide for the presence of wheels. This structural element will simplify the operation of the boat.

Available presents a large number of different wheels. They differ in width, size, stability. for such products prices also varied. To choose the best option, you need to take into account a number of the experts' recommendations.

The benefits of home-made wheels

Today, the sale are a variety of quick-release, tilt wheel on PVC boat, as well as other kinds of designs. They are made of materials not subject to corrosion. If the wheels are made of metal, the surface necessarily processed special structures. The presence of defects in the material evidence of low quality products.

How do transom wheels for PVC boats with their hands

The cost of purchased designs for transporting boats up to 10 thousand. Rub. Not every fisherman can be isolated from the family budget a similar amount of funds for the purchase of the wheels. Homemade construction cost about 2 thousand. Rub.

These wheels are optimally suited for PVC boats. At their creation can take into account the configuration, especially swimming means. In this case it is possible to create a stable, solid structure. It will last for many years to the owner. Wheels are available in specialty stores. But to make the frame, the support can be yourself.

Design requirements

Before creating transom wheels for PVC boat with his own hands from the ground, it is necessary to consider the basic properties of these products. They put forward specific requirements.

How do transom wheels for PVC boats with their hands

Transom wheels must be mounted on a rigid frame. For this purpose only stainless steel is used. Transporting the boat structure have also operate in water. It is important to provide a mechanism for folding the chassis. It is recommended to use a wheel with inflatable chambers. This is the most convenient kind of system.

The choice of wheels

Creating transom wheels for PVC boats with their own hands, should carefully choose every element of design. This will depend on the strength and performance of the product.

How do transom wheels for PVC boats with their hands

When choosing the wheels, you must consider the type of surface. If you need to move the boat along the asphalt road, require their narrow varieties. If the soil loose, sandy, better to give preference to low and wide wheels. It will also take into account the burden that will be provided to the wheels. The heavier the boat, the stronger must be the frame and wheels.

Advantages and disadvantages of

Making your own hands transom wheels for PVC boats is a fascinating process. This work should be performed for a number of reasons. The presented design provides a lot of advantages to the fisherman.

How do transom wheels for PVC boats with their hands

In addition to the added convenience during use of the swimming facilities, increasing the list of additional features of the boat. She also gets a list of new features. In doing so, the wheels do not require much space.

Moving the boat is no longer time-consuming. This procedure will be carried out quickly and with minimal effort. It should be noted that the use of the wheel absolutely does not affect the handling of the boat. It is possible to extend the life of the vehicle.

The only drawback of the high cost of construction stands. With self-assembly it is immaterial.


There are several varieties of designs submitted. They are produced by different manufacturers. When you create a self-made construction can be taken as a basis one of the below listed guidelines. You can create your own hands transom wheel quick-release folding. Also, some owners of PVC boats copy design automatic chassis models CT-SH or transforming the CT-5.

How do transom wheels for PVC boats with their hands

Quick models have the nuts, which is obtained by unscrewing it easy to remove the wheels from the boat. This option is preferable for those who transport the floating means for short distances.

Folding wheel mounted behind the transom. They can be raised or lowered as needed. Inside the racks provided for this presence of springs. For swimming facilities with a hard transom it is recommended to use designs that remind purchased model CT-ZN. Chassis type CT-5 also apply to the quick-search. They differ in specific pipes device. They can unbend and gather in its original position.

Features of the independent production of

To during the operation did not occur breakdown structure, do transom wheels for boats with their hands on proven technology. You will need to take into account a number of nuances. It is recommended to perform the drawing of the future system. It should take into account the dimensions and design features of the boat. Next on the plan must specify the exact length of each frame member.

How do transom wheels for PVC boats with their hands

When selecting a material for the future construction is recommended to give preference to stainless steel. It differs sufficiently rigid. In some cases, allowed to use aluminum. Note, however, that it is a soft material. He only suitable for light boats, which are operated infrequently.

Wheels recommended for purchase. Reinvent them again is not necessary. Purchased chassis characterized by having a rubber chamber. This greatly facilitates the transport vehicle. It is recommended when choosing wheels give preference to medium-sized product. Their width should be at least 7 cm.

Materials of Construction

To create the transom wheels for PVC boats with their hands, you need to prepare appropriate materials and tools. You must purchase a metal tube with a square cross-section. Its size must be greater than if the weight of a large boat. Also two pipes should be prepared with a circular cross-section. Their diameter must be different. The first tube should have a cross-sectional size of 20 mm (3 mm thickness), and the second - 23 mm (2, 5 mm thick).

You must purchase the appropriate fixing material. This will require washers, screws, cotter pins. All of them should be made of stainless steel. The dimensions should be selected according to the weight of the boat, the material used.

Also need to prepare or acquire the appropriate tool. Primarily it needs to drill and drill. To assemble the metal structure should rent or buy a welding machine. If the experience of working with such a unit there, you can ask a professional masters help in this matter.

assembly Start system

Will help you understand how to make wheels for PVC boats with their hands, the detailed instruction of the process. First on the transom of the boat should identify sites for future mounting brackets. It should be taken into account where the outboard motor. The challenge is to master the precise determination of the location of the brackets. Wheels should not damage the engine.

square section tube must have a length of about 10 cm. racks must be secured in the lower part of the transom. To do this, use bolts. First the back side of the boat is established steel plate. It will help distribute the load evenly. Under the plate rubber gasket must be. On the other hand transom as set protective material. This gasket is installed bracket. The entire system in this case is fixed with screws.

Creating racks

Creating transom wheels for PVC boats with their hands, it is necessary to build the left and right rack. The wheels are mounted on the outside. They should not be close to the motor.

In brackets, drill holes at the bottom and the top. This will raise the wheel, and near their lower river, if necessary. The same drill hole is required in the stands. Through them is threaded pin. To create a rack used pipe with a circular cross section. The length of the construction of these elements may be different. It is selected in accordance with the parameters of the boat.

Stands if desired can be bent in the central part. These pipes need to attach the axle to which the wheels are mounted. The chassis is fixed with a pin. Top round pipes to be drilled hole 2. One of them will install rack to the bracket, and the second - to change the position of the design, to bring it to working condition.

Another option attachment

Producing transom wheels for PVC boats with their hands, you can install them on a different methodology. Many owners submitted swimming facilities prefer to mount the wheel under the bottom of the boat. In this case eliminates the possibility that the chassis will damage the motor. It is more technological variant.

This method of mounting is required to cut a square profile on the 4th segment. The length depends on the size of the boat. The design is welded to the bottom. The tubes are drilled through holes. You can check the ring. Within these pillars must be welded nuts. This eliminates the likelihood of a snug fit to the fasteners.

That did not get into the water system protected by rubber plugs. The upper pillar also drilled hole. This will allow to attach the wheels to the transom. Both parts of the structure are welded together. You can then install the chassis. They draw in nuts.

Look at how to create a transom wheels for PVC boats with their hands, all work can be make your own.