Adventure for two: where to invite a guy for a date

Adventure for two: where to invite a guy for a date

Romance - this is good, but there is nothing that enhances the intimacy between you and the man, as bright emotions which you have experienced together. Therefore, we recommend to alternate the traditional meeting with adventures. Skydiving or race on the car did not suit everyone, but there is an attraction that precisely on the shoulders both of you. Together with the project Another World will tell what the game of virtual reality and why these experiences need to experience each.

Another World - Russian project, which is developing a virtual reality rides. A team of professionals who created quests, film, interactive space, and now have joined together to work on the largest and most modern VR-platform in Europe. Another World game unfolding on the stage area of ​​400 square meters. Thanks to modern technology the developers have managed to achieve the maximum immersion of participants in virtual reality.

The game's plot

The game "Colony: Code Red" is similar to an interactive movie in the genre of science fiction with elements of horror.

Everything takes place in 2508. People with varying success colonize space. You - the crew of the colonial ship "Vega" - are going to one of the distant exoplanets Planet Alekta. It has its own unique biosphere, the closest to the Earth's environment. Alecto is already working on the station, outpost, which experts have to adapt the DNA of terrestrial organisms to the local ecosystem. You have to change the colonists, for many years the workers at the plant. The game is filled plot inserts and NPCs that create a full-scale history. The action takes place in a variety of styles: you'll have to sneak around the dark corners, then escape from the pursuit of a huge gorge. Planet Alekta accurately will not relax.

You can not only be a foot colonists, but also to try yourself in the role of the pilot rapid assault glider "Fury". Special mechanical simulators allow realistic experience flight, speed and overload.

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What do you feel

Another World team put a lot of effort, so that participants can immerse themselves as much as possible in another world and forget about the boundaries between virtual reality and everyday life.

Each player receives a VR-gear that helps control what happens, keep in touch with other participants and creates a sense of presence. The equipment does not hinder movement, so you'll easily navigate the vast arena.

optical tracking system - the same used in the creation of Hollywood movies - transfer all your movements in the game space.

VR-playground is equipped with hundreds of the latest pieces of equipment: a vibrating platform, heat generators and wind simulators weapons and aircraft. Thanks to them, the mind is so immersed in the illusion that you instantly forget that you are in the game. Above the picture the whole design team worked alien worlds that much of carefully traced details. It is difficult not to admire the stunning scenery of space, even if it means risking being killed.

Particular attention is paid to the elaboration of the plot. You will find a dynamic action and shocking finale. In this game has several lines of development, so you can come and live the story again and again, discovering new facets and emotions.

Who can play

To participate in the VR-ride does not have to be a gamer, it's a whole different level of entertainment, bringing together cinema, computer games and quests.

The age limit in the "Colony: Code Red" 12+. Participate from 1 to 8 people at a time, so you can arrange a group visit.

One gaming session lasts 30 minutes and takes about the same equipment, training and the final photo shoot.

VR-platform Another World is located in Moscow, a 10-minute walk from the metro Savelovskaya details about locations you can look at the project site.

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