How to talk to the boss about stress

How to talk to the boss about stress

According to the organization Mental Health America, one in five adult experiencing mental health problems. If you spend counts against your company, you will surprise how high these figures - almost 20% of your colleagues are struggling with increased anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Some of them can not talk about it - for fear of condemnation, accusations of incompetence or attempts to interfere with their privacy, but it does not mean that their problems are unimportant.

Most often, employees invent a physical cause for which they can not cope with the tasks and require hospital or months trying to work, experiencing severe stress and reduced productivity. Both of these options are not very good if you are trying to grow their careers, as opposed to an honest and open conversation with the head. You can use these life hacking to show your level of discipline and responsibility of the authorities and to receive the necessary support.

Not to delay the time

Do not wait for the moment when the stress starts to interfere with your performance. Chronic anxiety can cause you a sense of overload, reduce energy and concentration and cause insomnia, and this is a major reason affecting the process. Ideally - you need to talk with your supervisor that your anxiety level increases before it will lead to the disruption of the work plans.

Find the right time

How to talk to the boss about stress

If your relationship with the head of the already good enough to tell that you can not cope with the stress, it may be easier than in the corporate system with a rigid hierarchy. For those who are uncomfortable talking to their superiors directly approach the discussion with a personnel specialist, who will also be able to offer a number of important changes in your work schedule.

Try to choose a time to talk, not only based on the fact whether the employee free time, but also on the fact, in what mental state you are now. If you feel a complete lack of energy in this day and realize that you will be hard to argue their position, - transfer the call to another time.

Think about what could be the problem of

If you are struggling to get the job done when you need at least one extra day off - told the manager about what the consequences can be much more unpleasant. You can consult with a health care professional who will confirm your status and get a special health certificate. Give your employer understand what you go through difficult times, and you ever need support, and think about what it can express.

Help provide you support

How to talk to the boss about stress

The head, which is important his team's performance, should not ignore the fact that stress can harm your situation. As a workaround, you can discuss the change in job responsibilities, a slight shift work schedules or additional time off. Bear in mind that really affect your performance, but that just becomes a nice bonus, but it will not reduce your anxiety. Offer their solutions to the current situation, even if they seem to be quite incredible.

Are you telling your supervisor about the stress problems?