"Mezoksantin": reviews beauticians and customers

Perhaps today there is no such woman who does not want to look great. Currently, there are showrooms a variety of treatments to rejuvenate, so only their cost is not very cheap. Aging comes with age, absolutely everybody, but all it manifests itself in varying degrees. External signs of deterioration of the skin, wrinkles and age spots common to many women, "middle-aged". Fortunately, science is not in place and regularly produces for general use different anti-aging products, including now have and "Mezoksantin" (comments about it will be lower).

What is a drug?

Today, the present trend in cosmetics is considered biorevitalisation procedure "Mezoksantin" reviews it gets extremely positive.

This new generation of drug:

  • activates cell regeneration;
  • restores the skin;
  • slows the decay process.

All of this is achieved through selective effects on certain cellular genes and their activation.

Produced "Mezoksantin" F199, reviews specialists confirm this, American cosmetology brand that has introduced a wide audience a different product - "Mezovarton". Reviews about it much more, and all positive, because the product is in the public domain for a long time. Very often customers beauticians prescribe both drugs as a combination therapy, because they are perfectly compatible and with only enhance each other's action. Unlike "Mezoksantina" it lies in the ability to apply it not only to older patients, but also to all who wish to rejuvenate your skin for women of 25-30 years.

Exposure of the skin

The drug "Mezoksantin" feedback from customers gets good because of its strong therapeutic effect. It explains the profound influence of the substance on the cell genes and skin regeneration mechanisms. The drug significantly increases the production and livelihoods of the proteins important for the skin. They perform an active part in the restoration of the extracellular matrix and damaged DNA. In addition, injections help permanently stop the aging process by strengthening the natural regenerative processes of the skin. It is an independent cell division within the body composition of the dermis and improves its appearance.

"Mezoksantin" (reviews confirm it) is capable of:

  • to remove age spots;
  • smooth wrinkles;
  • improve skin tone and elasticity;
  • to remove the vascular mesh;
  • be actively lifting effect.


The most common "Mezoksantin" with pigmentation (hereinafter reviews) recommend the use in the area of ​​the face and neck. In general, the drug may be used also in the upper chest. Its membership includes more than eight different components, which have a positive effect on the skin, even separately, in combination, they show the best results for each client.

The main active ingredient is a carotenoid fucoxanthin injection, which is extracted from seaweed. It is he who has the greatest impact on the skin, restoring the DNA in the dermis cells and their proper functioning. substance also helps the body to self-activate collagen production, speed up the metabolism, and division of stem cells.

Various antioxidants in the composition accelerates cell regeneration and protect them from negative external factors. Amino acids help the skin to form their own new and useful proteins after the collapse of collagen and elastin precursors. Nucleic acid at the same time provoke organism on the development of more elastin and collagen are the basis for the formation of new DNA and RNA cells.

"Mezoksantin 'reviews about removing age spots received due to the presence in the composition of regulatory peptides, a pretty effective tool. They control the production of melanin in the body and antioxidants protect cells from the external environment. Also, copper peptides in cells improve microcirculation, relieve inflammation and help synthesize collagen and skin cells to regenerate themselves. As part of the preparation, of course, there are vitamins. Without them, improve skin elasticity, strengthen the protection of cells and stimulate them to work, it would be difficult. "Mezoksantin" contains useful for skin vitamins A and E, as well as ascorbic acid.

Of course, preparation for beauty is a part of, and hyaluronic acid. It is saturated with moisture cells and gives them a lot of nutrients. Besides Hyaluron helps the body synthesize collagen and enhances their extracellular matrix.

The composition comprises a drug and various growth factors. They contribute to slow down skin aging, stimulate the formation of new cells, improve skin condition and enhance regeneration.

The properties of the drug

"Mezoksantin" (customer feedback have both positive and negative) is popular due to the additional effect of moderate burning of fat cells in the areas of direct influence. This effect is enhanced in the cheeks and the face oval, making it more pronounced.

It is very important that the product has passed all the necessary studies on the mutagenicity and approved for use in skin rejuvenation procedures for all instances.

Indications for use of

Reviews "Mezoksantin" collects from customers completely different ages thanks to the official permission to use it in patients from 30 years of age. In some cases, specific recommendations not use injections and clients under the age of 25 years.

Regular use of the drug helps to prevent the appearance of signs of skin aging, "Mezoksantin" is also used in:

  • hyperpigmentation;
  • cell dehydration;
  • preparing for the strong sun exposure;
  • preparing for plastic surgery;
  • seborrheic dermatitis;
  • accelerating the recovery of the skin after burns, peels or laser resurfacing.

Instructions for use

It is often beauticians prescribe to their clients injection drug in combination with "Mezovartonom" because together they are more effective against the skin. Duration of therapy is usually 4-6 sessions, but is determined individually depending on the number of wrinkles and skin degree of neglect. The effect persists usually for one year, after which the course must be repeated again.

Restrictions for use, and undesirable effects

It does not "Mezoksantin" bad reviews. The consequences of the procedure with the use of this drug is almost always perfect. No special preparation is contraindicated and should not be based only on the general recommendations when choosing in favor of this rejuvenation.

Among the general rules to the prohibitions injections include:

  • presence of individual intolerance of any component;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • Pregnancy
  • lactation;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • the presence of inflammatory processes in the skin at the site of future injections.

Among the possible side effects should be noted only the redness of the skin immediately after the procedure and the possible presence of seals in the field of administration. Such complications go away for a few days and is also considered to be common for all kinds of "beauty shots".

The cost of the drug

To date, funds have not yet acquired sufficient popularity, so price dispersion is quite high. So for 1 session, you can pay anywhere from 10 to 20 thousand rubles. To carry out a procedure on the face, neck and décolleté is enough to get 1 syringe with the substance. They are delivered in sterile packaging 1 once filled with 5 ml of the preparation. Save money when you can just purchase once the whole course of injections, because the bulk purchase customers always have discounts.

Reviews specialists

Reviews cosmetologists "Mezoksantin" characterized as the most effective it is in patients under the age of 40 years. This is due to a more pronounced effect of rejuvenation and speed of its manifestation in young women. Experts highly recommend to carry out this procedure even when planning a vacation just to prevent future severe photoaging, because drug perfectly protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. In addition, it significantly narrows the pores and reduces the production of sebum in oily skin, which means that the ladies do not have to regularly monitor the appearance of oily shine.

According to reviews noticeably leveled and color, almost completely goes bright pigment spots. For patients older generation visual effect achieved through an integrated use of other drugs. It is very important that the injections did not cause serious complications and operate for a year, that for such products is very good.

Customer Reviews

Many women even older mark a visible anti-aging effect after the procedure. Interestingly, the positive outcome appears gradually and instantly see all changes impossible. Wrinkle occurs within one month after a course of therapy, the duration of which is determined on an individual basis. Some customers are not satisfied that the beauticians prescribe them too many procedures in the general recommendations in the 4-6, but should be aware of their own skin condition at the time of visiting a specialist.

"Mezoksantin" bad reviews from customers collects mainly in non-compliance with the recommendations and specific rules on the use. So if there is an individual intolerance to the components of the patient may form a skin rash. To avoid such uncomfortable circumstances, should be before the start of the procedure to make the sample in an inconspicuous area. If the beautician did not pay any attention to the client, it is better to entrust their beauty and health is more experienced.


Among the wide list of different rejuvenating treatments today more and more women prefer it to injections. All the matter in their direction, because all substances are delivered in full directly to the place of direct application. Repulsive factor for many still is a painful procedure, but it is no wonder they say that beauty requires sacrifice.