7 traveler's goals, which should put itself in 2019

If you have already started writing down their goals for the next year, the question of how to leave usually causes anxiety. Will there be enough funds for the trip? Where to go first? How to plan your trip so as to do everything and not get tired? We have collected several important steps that should be done in the next year to spend the best trip in my life.

1. Start postpone

7 traveler's goals, which should put itself in 2019

The trip anywhere requires serious investment. Plane tickets, payment of hotel, meals, souvenirs, tickets to Disneyland and museums - all of which can make the same amount that the journey will seem an impossible dream. If you really want to see the world in the next year - to reconsider their finances worth now.

Install the app to calculate costs, the head of a separate account, which will be deducted a small percentage of income, and is also used for our life hacking savings.

2. Explore your own city

Think about it, and it well do you know your own city, your route if the years pass by the same places? Plan several excursions in the unfamiliar area and look at him through the camera lens. Find unusual restaurant with national cuisine, free acting classes or recently renovated square.

3. Enable notifications

7 traveler's goals, which should put itself in 2019

Use Google Flights or other applications that send a notification that the fare dropped to a certain point. This is ideal if you are not so important, for a number of take a vacation, and you can move your plans. You also can subscribe to multiple telegrams channels that monitor discounts and sales for different carriers. Do not forget to prepare in advance all of the documents, who knows, maybe one day on Friday, you will be able to go to Tallinn for a couple of days?

4. Seek unpopular direction

Spend a few nights, looking at the map, to find the least popular destinations for relaxation, where you can still find something interesting. Most often, the cost of travel or trip to this point is not so high, and you will have quite a unique journey, unlike the experience of travel-bloggers. Do not neglect the opportunity to get into an unfamiliar small town to get acquainted with its culture and atmosphere.

5. Try a new transport

If you are a little afraid of planes, and the ride in his own car with friends not so stirs, to expand into other vehicles. Choose a cruise tour - will introduce you to some Russian cities, and some allow to see the world in all its diversity.

6. Think of the journey for a couple of days

Avid travelers do not neglect the opportunity to ride to the next town with a breeze, even if there is time and money on something overseas. Meet people in social networks, look on the schedule of exhibitions and performances in other city and enjoy a stroll around the city, where almost no one will know.

7. Find wildlife

Enjoying nature and fresh air - something we often overlook while working in a busy schedule in the big city. Think about what to write in your calendar a few trips out of town - to the lake, the mountains, or even camping in the forest.

Where do you want to go this year?