5 Effective Ways to learn English

Everyone has their own approach to the development of a foreign language. Some are immersed in the study, set specific goals and follow the plan, others prefer to do it effortlessly: in movies, music or informal interaction with native speakers. Heroine has collected a number of ways to learn English that will suit everyone.

1. Try with the teacher online classes

5 Effective Ways to learn English

The fastest and most effective way to learn a foreign language - lessons with a qualified teacher. You get individual attention, extra motivation to go to the same will not need to - the Internet enough schools with distance learning. One of them - ENGLISH TIME - holds lessons via Skype.

This training is suitable for people of all ages: from 6-year-olds to adults. The level of training is not too important, the school has a large list of programs: from the general course and specialized finishing and preparation for exams.

The first lesson is free of charge ENGLISH TIME. It Methodist appreciate your level of proficiency and the purpose of the study, will be the program and select the necessary teaching materials. All school textbooks are also provided free of charge.

Most of the time in class is given conversational practice to you as soon as possible to overcome the psychological discomfort in front of a foreign language.

Want to improve English in the professional field, is recorded on the specialized courses in the right direction: medicine, management, IT-business, marketing, economics, tourism, scientific activity, energy and law. You can get one more lesson for free, if you say to a trial lesson, she learned about from our ENGLISH TIME magazine.

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2. Subscribe to useful telegram-channels

5 Effective Ways to learn English

This method is good as a complement to the lessons, because it allows you to surround yourself with the necessary language environment, which is advised in the study. Do not subscribe to everything you see, better choose some interesting resources to you. So the more the likelihood that you will follow them, and not just turn off notifications.

The choice of channels devoted to the study of English, is immense. There are more or less academic: @english, @englesson, @EnglishBestChannel. Pictures, popular phrases, parsing errors, grammatical tables and vocabulary exercises - all in the usual textbook or the tutorial. You want to understand the intricacies of the slang, pay attention to informal channels, such as: @slangbang, @neperevodimoe, @movieslang. On @one_story there are texts in English: from the stories of Mark Twain to Chekhov translations.

3. Read the professional articles

Your success in mastering English are directly dependent on the motivation. Therefore, to learn the language through useful content is much more effective than abstract explanations and texts about John.

About favor of films with subtitles and podcasts in a foreign language all too well aware of. Another tip - read articles that relate to your professional sphere. Let the translator will have to sweat, but do not need to wait for the adapted text will appear. So you will develop as a specialist and to practice English.

4. Lead blog in a foreign language

5 Effective Ways to learn English

Another way is not to perceive the process as a tedious study and constantly train foreign language, in this case - the grammar. Try to speak English herself. Start with simple notes, write, how was your day, what you felt and what they learned.

This will help develop the skills everyday communication and writing. In addition, the diary itself has a good therapeutic effect.

5. Look for a job abroad

The most extreme and very effective method - to go abroad part time. Find seasonal work is possible even with minimal knowledge of the language. Of course, count on a prestigious career is not necessary, but those same collectors berries are always required. Two to three months maximum immersion in the culture and the language environment is significantly promoted you to the knowledge of English will improve conversational skills and pronunciation.

How do you motiviruesh yourself in learning a foreign language?