8 ways to get more benefit from psychotherapy

Distrust of psychotherapy arises from the fact that its results are not always as noticeable as in the case of the influenza treatment, gastritis or other obvious diseases. Some seem questionable idea to spend money on something to talk to someone. We can not say for certain whether the campaign will solve your problems to a psychologist. But we know what to do, the time spent by a specialist, just not gone in vain.

1. Write down your emotions

8 ways to get more benefit from psychotherapy

A week before the session start to keep a diary in which you will capture your thoughts and emotions. Write down the anxiety, fear, all you care about.

At the reception, it is difficult to gather his thoughts and remember everything I wanted to say. Diary will help make the conversation constructive and not miss important moments. On the whole, this is a useful practice for those who want to understand themselves.

2. Do not be afraid that you will condemn

Relax and open up to a stranger is not easy. Remember that the therapist is not in order to judge you. This is a man with whom you can be the most natural.

It happened in that terrible to say. If you feel that restrain themselves in a certain topic, then it is certainly something that should speak.

in many ways the success of therapy depends on your positive attitude and the ability to open up. The reception at the psychologist can be an unpleasant, painful, like any other treatment, but that is no reason to avoid it.

3. Do not pretend that everything is okay

8 ways to get more benefit from psychotherapy

Do not discount their emotions and feelings. Fight the urge to just shrug and say that everything is all right, if it is not. Once you feel comfortable with your therapist, you should know that you have a place where you do not need to pretend.

Trust your instincts: if the psychologist understands what you're saying, if sympathy demonstrates. If you are upset and embarrassed in his presence, it is necessary to talk.

4. Focus on your goals

During therapy, can you talk about your life and the people around you, but do not get too hung up on it. Turned his attention to external circumstances rather than on your emotions, you will feel relief, but will not solve the problem.

Try to focus on what you'd like to achieve. Become more confident? Establish a relationship with your partner or your family? Love yourself? Together with the therapist put a few specific goals and work on them.

5. Ask questions

8 ways to get more benefit from psychotherapy

The therapy will not be effective if you are not involved and do not understand what you're doing. Ask about everything that confuses you or causes concern. In the case of psychotherapy can not be a passive patient and act blindly.

Take notes, not only before the session, but also during it. Notes the important thoughts that you sound out the expert. At home you will be able to return to them in a calm environment and to rethink.

6. Let the therapist to guide you

You should focus on your goals, ask questions and talk, if you do not like the course of therapy, but trust your doctor is equally important. Allowing professionals to guide the conversation. Sometimes he can find something important in your words and focus on that, rather than strictly to operate the plan that you have set. Of course, the therapist must ask your permission, and you should listen to his opinion.

7. homework is done

Do all that you shall appoint the therapist: see certain movies, check out some tips in life, keep records. Homework helps make a continuous treatment. So you apply the therapy to the knowledge of life, rather than just doing a from session to session.

8. Do not expect quick results

It seems that this advice is contrary to following goals, but you should remember that the therapy - is a process. The idea once and for all to deal with their problems, to shake hands with a psychologist, and never think of it sounds great. However, it is possible that you have not just have to go back to therapy as a supportive measure.

It is impossible to say how many will take your psychotherapy specific time. One pair enough sessions for other campaign specialist becomes as important and permanent part of personal care as a hand or visit a hairdresser.

You should not put pressure on yourself to finish the treatment in a short time. But by following these tips, you can make the treatment as effective as possible.

Do you turn to a therapist and how it helped you?