Why visit the salt cave

Salt therapy or halotherapy - a wellness SPA-trend with the help of which you can not only achieve deep relaxation, but also to conduct an effective detoxification. We talked with the specialists of "Aeromed" and learn how salt treatments affect our body.

Why visit the salt cave

Salt Cave is an artificially created space, floor, ceiling and walls are decorated with salt. It may be white salt blocks or slabs, plaster hydrochloric technology "salt coat" or fine crumb from Himalayan pink salt. The air in such rooms dry saturated saline aerosol which enters the respiratory tract and has on the body healing effect.

Despite all the advantages of halotherapy, salt caves to visit, you can not please everyone. Usually recommend to refrain from the procedure under the following conditions:

  • Serious respiratory tract infections, e.g., tuberculosis active stage;
  • Oncology and malignant tumors;
  • Any disease in the acute stage;

Learn more about halotherapy

How useful halotherapy

1. Helps to relax

Sessions halotherapy possess sedative effect, relieve stress and anxiety, increase overall vitality. The ionized dry salt aerosol, which is saturated with air halochamber increases metabolism in the body and increases its resistance to stress. Additional advantages of the procedure are to reduce anxiety, increase efficiency and normalization of sleep.

2. Improves the quality of sleep

Why visit the salt cave

The ionized dry salt aerosol helps calm the nervous system and reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which causes a large amount of our brain to function actively in the evening and at night. This allows the body to synthesize the main sleep hormone melatonin at the right time and to ensure a healthy, restful sleep.

3. Facilitates breathing

Ionized dry salt aerosol penetrates deep into the lungs, stimulating the natural cleansing processes of the respiratory system. He helps to reduce inflammation in the lungs and helps in the treatment of various diseases of the respiratory system: alleviates the symptoms of asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinusitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Scientific studies show that people with difficulty breathing became easier to breathe after the first session of halotherapy.

4. Combats skin diseases

Why visit the salt cave

People suffering inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis, urticaria, psoriasis and acne also benefit from the salt treatment. These painful skin conditions are autoimmune and inflammatory. Salt has the same anti-inflammatory effect and acts as a very soft exfoliant, helping to start the recovery process and regeneration of the skin.

5. Cleans and rejuvenates the body

Dry salt aerosol has an additional negative charge to the triggering body rejuvenation process: improving blood circulation, toxins, enhanced oxygen exchange and moisture balance is maintained. As a result, it becomes more firm, elastic and velvety and small wrinkles are smoothed. If you are constantly busy with work or household chores, and you do not have time to visit the salt caves, it is possible to organize a full session of halotherapy, without leaving home. Company "Aeromed" is engaged in the development and production of professional medical devices intended to secure the ionization space and inhalations with salt. This halocomplex reproducing natural hydrochloric microclimate galoingalyator portable tabletop apparatus for dosage aeroionotherapy - treatment with the ionized air.

These devices can save you from diseases of the respiratory organs, the cardiovascular system and sleep disorders, relieve mental and physical fatigue and increase efficiency, strengthen the immune system, restore skin elasticity and rejuvenation run processes in the body.