7 trends of healthy lifestyle, which will be popular in 2019

The notion of what is useful and what is not, is changing more often than standards of beauty. Today, self-care recommendations more focused on attention to your body and simplification of life, rather than on compliance - and it pleases. Heroine collected some healthy trends that apply now and will definitely be popular next year.

1. Online training

7 trends of healthy lifestyle, which will be popular in 2019

Through the Internet not only to actively learn to make the purchase, but also sports. This trend allows people to get professional advice and an individual approach to employment, without leaving home.

Online subscriptions to training, usually less employment in the hall, and they are easier to integrate into your schedule. Cons, of course, also have: there is no one to monitor how well you are doing exercise and motivate yourself to sports also have their own.

Newcomers should nevertheless like to live first coach, and only then, when it is determined that suits you, move to online classes.

2. Intuitive Eating

Calorie counting and strict limitations fade into the background, but the adherents of the intuitive power is growing. The priority of the ability to listen to your body, read and respect his signals. People are taught not how to lose weight and how to build a healthy relationship with your body, mind and food.

Efficiency of intuitive power confirms several tens studies. Another thing is that to understand its essence is more complicated than mindlessly follow a strict regime with lots of restrictions.

3. Pre- and probiotics

7 trends of healthy lifestyle, which will be popular in 2019

Kefir is always associated with a healthy diet, but now products with pre- and probiotics are becoming a popular trend. Already proven positive impact of these organisms on the immunity status of the bowel, the skin clean. At the same time, to add probiotics to your diet, not necessarily to drink special preparations. Fairly regularly drink kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha and others rich in these components of the products. Notice that in yoghurts often contain sweeteners, so it is best to choose foods with a minimum of additives.

4. Awareness

Although this concept is nothing revolutionary, mindfulness practice spreads among those who are far from spiritual experience. Today, people pay attention to mental health is greater than ever, and an important part of it - the development of a conscious approach to life.

In your power to make tiny changes to your habits: put off the phone aside during a meal and enjoy every bite of food, spend a few minutes a day alone with yourself, practice short simple meditation. Be present in the moment and to protect yourself from unnecessary stress - another trend of a healthy lifestyle.

5. Cleaning language

tongue cleaning - Ayurvedic ritual is on care and oral hygiene that you can do daily to remove bacteria, food debris and dead cells.

During sleep, our digestive system displays undigested toxins back into the oral cavity. Therefore, scraping the tongue - as much an important part of the morning hygiene, like brushing your teeth.

There are special tools and gels for the care of the language, although this should be an ordinary brush - just not the one you use for your teeth.

6. The order healthy food at home

7 trends of healthy lifestyle, which will be popular in 2019

Meals upon request - is not only sushi and rolls. All the more common services for the delivery of a healthy diet. Sets diet or vegan food with recipes of which are easy to prepare healthy dish. Ready meal, broken down into specific meals for those who have no time to cook. Boxes of fresh fruit or vegetables. The following year, the popularity of such products will only grow.

7. Active pregnancy

Increasingly, women show by their example that the pregnancy - is not a disease. Girls set to remain active: do sports, work, play.

Experts suggest that moderate exercise during gestation baby can ease childbirth and speed recovery from them. Of course, if there are no medical contraindications for sports.

Changing the image of a pregnant woman in the first place, thanks to selebreti. Stars set to act, in the clips are removed and are not shy about revealing outfits, proving that motherhood does not deprive the female sexuality. However, the latter our society is not ready, which confirmed the people's reaction to the teaser Svetlana Loboda pregnant dancing.

Which of these trends you'd like to try or already practicing?