8 reasons why women turn to a therapist

Stigma psychotherapeutic care in Russia is declining slowly. If earlier for consultation addressed people who have things become so bad that it does not turn to live a normal life, something completely different generation millenialov listening to him and decides to advance emerging complexity. The frantic pace of big cities is difficult to follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid the toxic environment, so that the therapy - a great way to improve their quality of life. Psychologists can identify several key reasons why women may need the help of a professional:

1. Woe to

8 reasons why women turn to a therapist

Everyone needs to support when it comes to grief for the departed person. Family and friends can expect that you will overcome their grief after a while, so you have the opportunity to pretend that this longing does not bother you and you are absolutely right, even if it is not the case. Therapy creates a space in which you can relive your emotions and do not rush things, keeping the memory of someone lost.

2. Depression and anxiety

Most women may experience depression and increased anxiety, no matter how well their life has not been established. As a rule, we are advised to be stronger than this, and carefully selected, changing habits, but these two problems do often require the participation and assistance of another therapist.

3. Drastic changes

8 reasons why women turn to a therapist

to change something in your life is difficult, and not all are able to adapt to the new image, rhythm and space. When you are going through big changes: pregnancy, moving to another city, a wedding or a divorce, you'll want someone's presence nearby. Add to this rapidly changing lives one constant factor - the treatment may already be an important step to restore calm.

4. Difficulties in the relations

Have you thought about the fact that all your problems in a relationship a little connected with each other? To combat some of the wounds we create conscious and subconscious mechanisms that do not allow us to get closer to the man and trust him. If all of this is due to an injury that happened to you many years ago, the best way to break this vicious circle - a consultation with a professional.

5. Dependencies

Themselves of addiction arise as a way to isolate us from unwanted emotions. The problem is that when we close from some pain with alcohol or drugs, we actually deprive themselves of the opportunity to experience the positive and good feelings. Women undergoing treatment, able to deal with their own addictions and meet her face to face pain - to say goodbye to her forever.

6. eating disorders

8 reasons why women turn to a therapist

Women have a lot of complex habits and their own restrictions on the supply and evaluation of his own body. As well as dependence, eating disorders work as a way to distract from the pain. The greater the level of stress - the worse it established contacts with meals. These templates can be considered for therapy and to create new systems for which you will not only eat well, but also look great, taking care of their health.

7. Race mood

Not always the mood changes associated with changes in hormonal levels or features of character: sometimes you just can not find a way to keep his feelings under control. Every minute of deterrence itself leads to serious disorders and even more stress, which can cause other problems in communicating with loved ones. Therapy is often treated women who find it difficult to control their emotions, and they break on their relatives or colleagues, but I can not explain to myself why.

8. Personal growth

women are often sent to a treatment simply because they lack self. You can not be a real conflict at work or in the work of the crisis, but may lack the sense of the importance of your work or the meaning of life. Therapy - a great space to explore the features of his character, which gives us the daily life.

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