5 ways to keep things nice

We already wrote about how to organize the cleaning of the house and what things should get rid regularly so as not to turn the apartment into a warehouse of useless things. But if after a major cleaning of things was not much less, it is worth considering where they are removed, so that they do not create chaos in the house and you do not have to every time for them to stumble. We have decided to offer a few ideas for storage, which will help you put all the places, create a cozy and clean house.

1. Storage Boxes

5 ways to keep things nice

An organized closet - the heart of a well-groomed bedrooms. To optimize the aesthetics and functionality of its space is used for storage of containers and boxes. They can put different things small size and accessories. It can be hats, gloves, scarves or clothes, small toys or cosmetics.

Cloth containers are environmentally friendly, easy to clean and do not lose their color, are well keep their shape. You can remove them in the closet or put in a prominent place: thanks to the stylish design of the box will be a spectacular interior accessory.

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2. Bulk products

5 ways to keep things nice

Bulk products - the easiest way, which will solve the problem of organizing the kitchen space. They can be stored cereals, flour, tea, sugar, nuts, sweets or pasta. Choose rectangular container - they can be more densely positioned in the wall of the cabinet, which will save a small kitchen space. The volume of such containers more than the oval, round or cylindrical.

Pay attention to the presence of the container lid sealed silicone sealant. He will not allow air and moisture - products for a long time to preserve the freshness and flavor, and not zavedutsya insects in them.

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3. Porcelain food containers

5 ways to keep things nice

Food containers are versatile enough: keep them fresh food and ready meals, pack lunches or snacks to work on a long journey. They can also be used for stylish tableware, cooking in a microwave oven or an oven.

Containers made of heat-resistant porcelain easy and tight, are environmentally friendly alternative to toxic plastic containers. Inhibit drying food, rapid formation of mold and absorb foreign odors.

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4. Trash

5 ways to keep things nice

A small but roomy wicker basket - an attractive alternative to ceramic vases and plates in the process of serving and table decorations. You can put the basket in the center of the table and store it in the fruit, candy, chocolate and tea bags - Rainbow product design will look spectacular on any kitchen. Buy basket

5. Cosmetic

5 ways to keep things nice

Do not let cosmetics clutter the space of his dresser. It should be neat and attractive.

Keep essentials - a tonic for the face cream or moisturizing gel - visible and close at hand, while increasing the hidden storage space. Choose a spacious and bright makeup - it will be a small but prominent emphasis in the interior of your room. It is convenient to store a comb and hair clips, hand cream, balms and lipsticks, shadows and tonal resources.

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And what items you use to store your belongings?