Alexander Golovin biography player, date of birth, personal life, career and photos

Alexander Golovin - known Russian football player of Russian football team. Alexander was born at the end of May 1996 in the city of Kaltan, located in the Kemerovo region. footballer growth of 180 centimeters, a young man 69 kilograms of weight. Biography player Alexander Golovin presented below, as well as information about the personal life of an athlete. Alexander Golovin analyzed the transition from Russian club CSKA Moscow in the European club "Monaco": the contract price, the future player salaries and the first workout.

Alexander Golovin biography player, date of birth, personal life, career and photos


Biographies parents footballer Alexander Golovin is not particularly noteworthy. Neither the father nor the mother are associated with the sport, father of Alexander lifetime working forwarder mother is a bookkeeper. However, parents of the future stars of Russian football love an active lifestyle, often family arranged trips, go parents with little Sasha and fishing. When Golovin was six years old, his father brought him to his old friend - the football coach Alexander Plyasunova. It is the namesake of the future sportsman and saw in him the makings of a champion.

Alexander Golovin biography player, date of birth, personal life, career and photos

After Sasha began to show progress, the father decided to transfer him to a football school in Novokuznetsk. When the boy was 10 years old, he was brought to Moscow for selection in football, "Spartacus" club school, but still did not see a young boy's talent. Failure is not upset a young football player. According to Alexander Golovin, he always sympathized with the eternal enemy of "Spartacus" - CSKA.

Home sports career

In the biography of footballer Alexander Golovin in 2010 becomes the starting point of his career. That year, he entered the Leninsk-Kuznetsky School of Olympic Reserve. In college, Alexander met with coach Sergei Vasyutin.

The pupil and the coach quickly found a common language. Sergey Vasyutino impressed Sasha perseverance, dedication and hard work, combined with the flexibility of mind and thinking outside the box. Alexander found time for further training, while paying due attention to their studies. Golovin at the same time perfectly played chess, skiing and generally led an active lifestyle.

The next milestone in the biography of Alexander Golovin player gets 2012. Alexander was invited to the national team to play in a tournament in Siberia in Krymsk. It was there, in the tournament, Golovin saw employees CSKA. One year later, in the junior team of Russia Alexander won the championship of Europe, in addition, Alexander received the title of master of sports of the Russian Federation.

CSKA club and victory for Team Russia

Marking milestones in the biography of footballer Alexander Golovin, should be said about 2014. In September 2014 Golovin, the first time out on the field in the form of red and blue in the match 1/16 cup of Russia. After some time, CSKA coach Leonid Slutsky admits to football training with the main part of the club. Alexander also played for the youth team and Russia, showing excellent results.

Alexander Golovin biography player, date of birth, personal life, career and photos

In 2015, in one of the matches of the Champions League instead Golovin release Alan Dzagoev. And in 2016, Alexander began to play in the first team. The first goal for the team Golovin scored in the match against the "Krasnodar" in April 2016. A year later, Golovin again pleases fans a beautiful goal in the match against Lithuania. At the end of the European Championship in 2016 Golovin included in the list of promising young players. Thus Golovin became the youngest player on the Russian national football team, he was only 21 years old.

Biography player Alexander Golovin: personal life

Due to the increased popularity of Alexander journalists and fans are trying to find out more information about his personal life. Although it is quite difficult to do. Footballer Alexander Golovin and his girlfriend Angelina often appeared together until 2017. Woman seen on the stands CSKA stadium. However, after 2017 photo girl disappeared from a profile on social networks athlete. To date, information about the personal life of a football player Alexander Golovin there. However, it is known that Golovin single.

FIFA World Cup in Russia

Alexander Golovin was included in the main part of the Russian national team at the World Cup. Recall the main event took place in Russia in the summer of 2018. Golovin scored goals and gave assists. Speech of Russian national team at the FIFA World Cup home was considered magical. For the first time in the modern history of the Russian team reached the quarter finals of the World Cup. Alexander Golovin was included in the ranking of the best group stage of World Cup players.

Alexander Golovin biography player, date of birth, personal life, career and photos

player ratings

Also, the British edition of FourFourTwo included Golovin in three unexpected discoveries of the championship. Also, Alexander, according to the newspaper, became a major player in the match the Russian team against Spain in the final one-eighth of the world championship. During the match, Alexander scored one goal, and Golovin gave two assists. Together with Golovin in three "new stars" included Irving Lozano playing in the national team of Mexico, and Takashi Inusa representing Japan in the tournament.

Alexander Golovin biography player, date of birth, personal life, career and photos

"Monaco" Football Club

In 2018, after a triumphant performance of the Russian team at the World Cup, held directly in the Russian Federation, Alexander received a proposal to move to the football club "Monaco". It begins a new milestone in the biography of footballer Alexander Golovin. The total amount of the transfer was about 30 million euros. For the amount of transfer of the player turned out to be a record. The contract was signed for 5 years. football player salary will amount to 2 million euros per year.

Alexander Golovin biography player, date of birth, personal life, career and photos

First Golovin training as a part of the football club "Monaco" held on 5 August. Many colleagues of RPL Golovin Alexander supported the decision to move to a European club. For example, Roman Zobnin, as the player of the Russian national football team, Alexander wanted to make sure that the "Monaco" has become a springboard for getting into one of the strongest European clubs, such as "Chelsea". But another colleague, a football player Kokorin, said he did not think that Ligue 1 is much stronger than the RPL.

It is worth noting that at the moment a young football player has not played a single game for his new club. The reason is an injury sustained by Alexander. It is planned that he will play for the "Monaco" in the first match of the upcoming Champions League.

Location Alexander Golovin in Moscow club CSKA takes Arnor Sigurdson, that he would take Alexander's number under which he played for CSKA. However, Alexander, in any case, will continue to serve in the Russian team. The next tournament will be the championship after the League of Nations.

Social Networks

The surprising fact, but Alexander Golovin has profiles on social networks. According to a footballer, he is not interested upload your own photos. However, in the social network "Instagram" has a fan page athlete, which is supported directly by the fans and Alexander. Photos with the player Alexander Golovin laid out on a regular basis.

Also, profiles and groups dedicated to the Russian athlete, can be found in social networks such as "VKontakte" and Facebook. It is worth noting that fans talent sportsman regularly spread interview with Golovin, personal photographs player, as well as his family and friends. It is worth noting that colleagues in the national team and the club is also often spread in social network sharing photos with Alexander Golovin.