How not to worry about what others think about you

Right now you're someone does not like you. Someone thinks you're arrogant bitch, because I saw you only in the workplace. Someone convinced that you are stupid, because your only meeting you unsuccessfully joked.

Find all of these people and explain what you really are, it is impossible. It remains to convince themselves that their opinion does not mean anything. Heroine will tell you how to stop worrying about what you think about.

Be confident

How not to worry about what others think about you

The first thing to keep in mind in moments of doubt - if you are someone does not like you, it does not mean you're a bad person. You just do not sootvetstvuesh someone's personal preferences. From the fact that some people hate milk, the drink does not become worse.

You can not control or change the tastes of the other person, so there is no point in trying to change his image of you.

Our perception is changing in one case - when we're learning object. If you are forced to interact, over time people will understand that I was wrong about you.

The main thing is not what he thinks, and what you know yourself about yourself. To cease to depend on other people's opinions, you need to have confidence.

Find those whose opinion you value

I do not care at all - is not the best position. View from the outside is useful if this opinion is someone who can be objective and wishes you well. Decide whom you trust: a guy best friend, relative or colleague who you respect. These should be people who know you well enough and are not afraid to be frank. They will help to distinguish the short-term failure of the actual errors in your behavior.

When you hear the critical comments from people that are not on your list, know - they are so important that you tell them pridash. If you sit and meditate on the negative, he subdue your life. When in doubt in yourself, talk to loved ones, let them remind you of who you are.

Do not cheat yourself

How not to worry about what others think about you

Do not let yourself think out other people's sentences and to seek additional meaning in the actions of others. Interrupt these destructive thoughts immediately as soon as you notice them.

People are much less pay attention to you than you think. While you're worried about what they will think of you, they do not think of you.

Another point: you probably will not ever know what's going on in the mind of another person in reality. The negative reaction may be hiding jealousy or love, for the enthusiastic compliments - contempt. That is why worry about what you proizvedesh impression just does not make sense.

Get rid of stereotypes

Our thinking stereotypically - and this is another fact, which affects your reputation. Fixated on career - you have a problem with personal life; family a priority - because nothing is achieved; not in a relationship - you are deeply unhappy woman.

You can not change someone's world, and it is not necessary. Part with common beliefs in your head. Do not draw conclusions about other people, you're probably wrong, as they are in you. In the end, the idea that someone else's opinion means something, too, nothing more than a stereotype.

Stay a

How not to worry about what others think about you

The best solution in any situation - be yourself. Do not know what to do, think about what you want, instead of what other people think. You will never please everyone, so why not cater to even imagine.

Instead of wasting energy on something to prove to people that they are wrong, take care of your condition. To overcome anxiety, raise your self-esteem and learn to accept themselves.

Does it bother living the excitement of what others think?