5 reasons to visit a session of halotherapy

The use of salt as a means to improve health have been known since the ancient Greeks when Hippocrates recommended saline inhalation for the treatment of respiratory diseases. People still use the help of nature to get rid of the stress of everyday life. We met with the experts of the Center galoterapii Cave life and learned what halotherapy and in what cases it is necessary to visit the salt cave.

5 reasons to visit a session of halotherapy 5 reasons to visit a session of halotherapy

Halotherapy, also known as salt therapy - a popular spa treatments and an effective method of healing with the help of an artificially created salt room. The air in the salt cavern is safe and comprises a finely divided dry sodium chloride aerosol, which has anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Salt therapy can be compared to a stay in the salty sea air, but it offers many more benefits than just a beach holiday.

Halotherapy specialists point out that the concentration of salt particles in the cave is about 10-15 times higher than its concentration in sea water: 40-minute session of the salt is three days of holiday at sea. To get a therapeutic effect, you will need to visit at least 12 sessions of salt therapy. Just be aware that after 6-7 treatments may occur short-term deterioration of health status. Afraid of aggravation is not necessary, this is due to exposure to salt particles in the body. It should take a short break in treatment. Learn more about how to

1. You will breathe easier

5 reasons to visit a session of halotherapy

As noted above, halotherapy can help reduce the symptoms of many respiratory diseases. Research published in the European Respiratory Journal, say that inhaling salt particles is struggling with pneumonia, it increases their volume and strengthens the respiratory system.

Halotherapy sessions will be useful for people suffering from asthma, allergies, chronic nasal sinuses or chronic "smoker's cough".

2. get stronger immunity

Salt also has antifungal and antiviral properties, so you can schedule a visit to the cave on the influenza season or restore your vitality after undergoing cold. Naturally, the salt cave is not a medicine or a substitute for a campaign to the doctor. But if you want to relax or alleviate his condition, then it's worth it.

3. improve skin condition

5 reasons to visit a session of halotherapy

Salt procedures provide blood flow to the skin cells and increase oxygen metabolism, making the skin heals and update. Visiting the salt rooms is useful to people with various skin diseases: acne, Alex, dermatitis, eczema, abrasions, psoriasis, irritation and flaking.

4. Restore the nervous system

Halotherapy has a positive effect on the autonomic system, relieves fatigue and symptoms of chronic stress. Inhalation of salt air helps normalize sleep and get rid of insomnia.

5. The excess weight will start to leave

5 reasons to visit a session of halotherapy

The microclimate salt room accelerates metabolism and improve digestion processes running processes of fat burning.

In spite of all its advantages, has several contraindications halotherapy: any disease in the acute phase, high body temperature, cachexia, malignant tumors, frequently occurring bleeding, tuberculosis, coronary insufficiency, renal disease, emphysema, hypertension, second and third stage, klaustrafobiya.

Halotherapy procedure you can go to the center of halotherapy Cave life. This is the place where you can relax and spend time with benefits for health and immunity. You can sign up for a trial session or purchase a subscription for yourself or the whole family. The center is located within the sports complex "Petrogradets", where you can combine a workout in the gym and the spa treatments.

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