How to choose the right food for your pet

Not many owners will prepare their own balanced meals for their pets. After all, in fact, this method takes a lot of time, but in the end the cat can not even touch to your culinary masterpiece. Therefore, coming to shop for food, you should know what to look for when choosing. Not to bring the poor animal to indigestion, I consulted with a specialist online shop for animals "World Feed" and now tell you how to choose the right food for your pet.

1 takes into account the age of the

How to choose the right food for your pet

There are two risk groups: kittens / puppies and older cats / dogs. Each of them has special features associated with age-related changes in the body of animals. For those and other preferred wet food and canned food. Due to their structure, they do not injure the esophagus and absorbed faster than dry food.

As for the price segment, for these groups to be selected products super-premium or Holistic. For kittens and puppies it is important to lay the necessary balance of macro- and micronutrients for full development. For older cats and dogs - to facilitate the work of the digestive system.

Select cat food

2. take into account the breed and size of

How to choose the right food for your pet

In some species there are specific recommendations that should be followed. For example, from the diet for big cats such as Maine Coon, low-calorie foods should be excluded, and to give preference to food with high protein content - between 26% and higher. For small dogs the content portion should be as full of vitamins and minerals, as their small stomach does not allow them to have an equal footing with the dogs of normal size. Consequently, feed Chihuahua food for German Shepherd categorically impossible. Select dog food

3. Define price segment

How to choose the right food for your pet

Traditionally animal feed are divided into 4 classes: economy, premium, super premium and Holistic. Each class has its price and quality characteristics.

Feed your pet only economy class is wrong, because the harm from such a power greater than the benefit. Such feed composed mainly of cereals, meat byproducts, and contain an enormous amount of flavorings and flavor enhancers. Because of this "diet" composition of the animals can not get enough and have to constantly be around the bowl. If you think your cat loves to eat, and the kitchen - her second home, then most likely, it is simply not enough balanced mix of proteins, fats and vitamins.

Line of premium and super-premium already contain a certain percentage of meat, macro-and micronutrients and are characterized by a lack of taste and flavor enhancers. The difference between these two classes is that the composition of the premium less balanced, and your pet will need additional vitamin sticks, pads and paste.

Holistic - it is best that you can offer your pet. The composition and quality of the products as close as possible to the diet in the wild: hypoallergenic meat, natural fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, lack of grain and by-products. The result of feeding this food will be the health of the musculoskeletal, urogenital and digestive systems, as well as the health of the skin, hair, and improving the overall tone and mood pet.

4. take into account the particular characteristics of your pet, the presence of diseases and their prevention of

How to choose the right food for your pet

It should not forget about the activity of the animal and its condition: pregnancy, breast, castration, sterilization, removal of wool and diet. If you have a diagnosis, then to feed the choice should be approached on the basis of recommendations of a veterinarian.

Take into account the costs and the taste preferences of the pet. Like humans, animals can be more by the gourmets. Before purchasing large quantities of feed set aside time to empirically verify that like your favorite chicken or beef, venison or chicken hearts. Or maybe he prefer herbs and fruits.

How to choose the right food for your pet

In the online store for animals "World Feed" you will help you choose a quality food, based on the characteristics set forth above. The range of the shop more than 20 thousand items for animals, both Russian and foreign manufacturers. Therefore, here you will find not only food for cats and dogs, but also for fish, rodents, reptiles and birds, as well as care products and useful accessories for your pet for all occasions.