Checklist: what to look for, if you rent an apartment for the first time

Checklist: what to look for, if you rent an apartment for the first time

Sooner or later each of us have to look for the place that you really want to call their own - even if you're going and take it out. Perhaps you dream of a big double bed instead of a sofa or a large window in the kitchen, and only when they are available you will be able to call this apartment house. There are a few other important things to consider when you are looking for an apartment for the first time.

1. Location

The first parameter that you need to determine - exactly where you want to live. Similarly, if you should remain in this city? Your job may well be allowed and move to another area of ​​the transfer of the corresponding branch, and the transition to telecommuting. Do you like the current area, or do you always envied his friend who lives on the other side of town? Spend a bit of time trying to learn the important details of what is in the neighborhood, where there are supermarkets if parks are available, as well as medical facilities.

2. Planning

Checklist: what to look for, if you rent an apartment for the first time

Layout of the apartment has a lot more value than you think. Be sure to pay attention to where you will put your things and there is enough space for a washing machine. Thoughtful, how convenient to cook is in the kitchen, as well as where to locate friends, should they stay away. Listen to yourself to understand what things are you willing to compromise, and in what - absolutely not.

3. Cost

The total cost of housing - an important point to make a decision, and you should not quickly agree only on a low rent. How much will it cost utilities in the area? Will it save by installing meters? Can I turn off the TV antenna and a radio in the apartment, as well as change their own Internet service provider?

Do not forget to also calculate how much you will cost the purchase of necessary furniture. You can also negotiate with the owner it is possible to purchase cabinets or large shower in the cost of rent expense. The same applies to repair, especially if you plan to enter into a contract for a long time.

4. Neighbors

Checklist: what to look for, if you rent an apartment for the first time

Sometimes the circumstances are such that you can not rent an apartment for one myself - but the apartment still want more and more comfortable. Then it is worth considering whether you have to take good friends, who could you live in one apartment. This is particularly useful if you have found an excellent multi-room apartment - then you will have enough personal space, but your night will not be so boring. Sometimes even having a stronger effect on the company that you begin to feel a new home as their home, so do not shy away from the idea, arguing that a joint life is too complex.

5. Animals

Unfortunately, not all landlords allow the keeping of animals, so take this into account when looking for if you have a furry friend. To negotiate with the owner of a variety of options: he may compromise if your animal takes up little space and leaves no noxious fumes. If not - it is better to spend a little time searching for alternative housing, in which all members of your family will be comfortable.

6. Location of the work

Checklist: what to look for, if you rent an apartment for the first time

Many of us spend most of their time in the office. After a very busy day, you will have to worry only how to quickly get to the bed, so pay attention to how public transport works and is not overloaded if Uber in your area. If you have own car - check if there is enough parking spaces nearby. Will you have the opportunity to ride a bicycle to work?

If you work from home, you also need to make sure that in the new apartment it is comfortable enough. Check whether or not to create a separate "work area" and there is enough light in the room.

7. The owner of

Before you sign a lease, make sure you are met with the present owner of housing. Speak, who solves the problems with the apartment - whether it be a breakthrough pipes or dirty air conditioner. Ask questions about who rented an apartment before - his answers will be judged whether or not respectful enough, and he will treat you.

And what do you look for when choosing an apartment?