5 interior styles for the nursery

Buying furniture for a child's room - not an easy task for any parent. Fashion for the interior design is constantly changing, new solutions in the preparation of planning, developers are working on creating a variety of eco-functional models, and designers offer an infinite number of options for the color palette. Such diversity can easily be confusing, so the designers of online store MiaSofia advised us several interesting options for a child's room decoration in a classic style.

1. Romantic Classics

5 interior styles for the nursery 5 interior styles for the nursery

If your child loves all shades of pink, light and elegant collection of furniture in discreet shades of light will help you create the interior of a medieval castle in the young princess room. Romanticism - it is elegant and easy style, which is characterized by plastic lines and subtle elegance. The furniture in the style of romanticism is not only beautiful, but also safe - rounded corners, safety handles and railings for beds will save your child from unnecessary injuries. Soft light colors in the interior of a child's room will have to rest and relaxation. The collection includes all the necessary elements to create the finished interior and bed with pull-out sleeper to optimally arrange a room for several children.

Order children's furniture in the style of romanticism

2. Neoclassic

5 interior styles for the nursery 5 interior styles for the nursery

To visually expand the space of small children's room, in the design of the room you should stick to light colors. Designed in the style of neoclassicism it is represented in blue, white, beige, cream, chocolate shades and combinations. The interior in the neoclassical style to add room of calm and comfort, and a wide range of combinations of colors and decors allow the furniture to fit into any interior. Collections of furniture in neoclassical style, offering a large number of modules for storage: cupboards and tables with the possibility of placing a corner to save space, racks and shelves with sliding facades, cabinets and drawers in divan. For smaller rooms perfect solution is a bunk bed. For access to the second level can be set or mobile metal ladder stage, each of which is an additional storage space. The table top corner table provides an opening for the withdrawal of wires, and overhead due to the removable plinth small objects will not be covered by furniture.

Order children's furniture in the neoclassical style of

3. Provence

5 interior styles for the nursery 5 interior styles for the nursery

In these collections harmoniously united purity of lines, elegance and charm. Ease of Provence creates a feeling of comfort, it traced the charm of the French villages and the unique Mediterranean atmosphere. There is no place pretentious luxury and bright non-standard decisions. Furniture in the style of Provence will bring the atmosphere of warmth and light will envelop the room an invisible mist of French romance. The main distinguishing feature of style - a tint palette: it harmoniously merged ivory noble gold. To make the furniture exquisite appearance, the wizard uses a technology of artificial aging surfaces. To create a cozy interior you can choose all the necessary pieces of furniture for the bedroom, living room or hallway. Order children's furniture in the style of Provence

4. Baroque

5 interior styles for the nursery 5 interior styles for the nursery

Baroque style originated in 16th century Italy, but he got the maximum heyday during the reign of King Louis XIV, who loved luxury and openly exhibited to show wealth. The main distinguishing feature of style in design - the greatness in all its manifestations: luxury, noble finishes, the presence of intricate architectural elements. It is worth remembering that this style is not suitable for a small room. The interior is decorated in a direction necessarily complemented by beautiful furniture with artistic wood carvings, smooth lines and contours. A large mirror in a carved frame will complete the image of the rich created the rest of the décor.

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5. Nocturne

5 interior styles for the nursery

The collections of furniture in the style of a nocturne created for true connoisseurs of French style. Furniture in dark colors creates an indescribable atmosphere of unhurried rural life inherent in the French hinterland of previous years. You can select a collection of furniture in black, which will allow to pick up pieces of furniture for the room in different colors and make the interior more interesting. This option will appeal to fans of innovative approaches and creative interior design solutions. Discover the freshness and lightness of the charming Provencal furniture antiques. Order children's furniture in the style of a nocturne

Select and order furniture may be a baby furniture store MiaSofia site. The store has existed since 2012 and cooperates with more than 25 factories, offering a wide range of children's furniture and accessories. In MiaSofia presented a collection of furniture of the best domestic and foreign manufacturers, quality is confirmed by time. Acquainted with the products you can in the showrooms of the project in Moscow and Yekaterinburg. Or you can order furniture on the site yourself using a convenient directory. To better represent the future children's room, store managers can make free 3D-draft arrangement on the real size of the room furniture.