How to relax for 60 minutes

How to relax for 60 minutes

Stressful situations trigger in our body a chain of biochemical reactions which adversely affect the physical and psycho-emotional health. To remove stress and fatigue, we need to periodically relax and adjust itself to a positive wave. I talked with the specialists of the Center of floating and SPA "Float Studio", and learned about the floatation, the procedure of deep relaxation, which will allow you an hour to bring the body and head in order.

What is floatation

Floating - a unique therapeutic method of achieving deep relaxation of the body in a specially equipped room float. The procedure takes place in a special pool with a concentrated solution of Epsom salts, which allows the body to float freely on the water surface. water and air temperature in the room close to the temperature of the human body, together with sound and light-blocking allows you to disable the external stimuli and to plunge into a state of complete weightlessness.

To fit procedure

  • People experiencing stress, increased alertness, mental and emotional stress.
  • Pregnant women present procedure of floating lightness, relaxation, eliminate swelling and improve blood circulation.
  • Athletes, dancers and all those who experience increased physical exertion and is rehabilitated after an injury.
  • Everyone who sleeps little, and not getting enough sleep, - 1 hour of floating is comparable to a full night of sleep.

What is the effect of

Floating is widely used not only as a relaxation procedure, it has beneficial effects on the whole body: the muscles relax, blood pressure and heart rate return to normal, the bodies are saturated with oxygen. The treatment stimulates the release of hormones of happiness endorphins that reduce stress and contribute to the development of the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creativity.

Epsom salt is absorbed into the skin, removes toxins, reduces swelling and relaxes the muscles. Furthermore, the salt has a cleansing, anti-aging and softening effect to the skin.

Especially effective floatation after the massage, you will receive as a result of greater relaxation and recharging energy than a full 6-8 hours of sleep.

After a session is desired will not take the time for a cup of tea or green glass of pure water.

Where to go

The wellness center of floating and SPA "Float Studio" - the only one in Russia and Eastern Europe Center with pools, float, rather than capsules. The Center uses the most advanced technology for of floating from the German company Ospa, which allows you to make the process of brine preparation and cleaning as quick and hygienically impeccable.

The advantage of the float pools to float capsules that process they can pass people with claustrophobia: rooms are designed so that there is no sense of a closed space. Moreover, sessions of floating, passing under the control of the float therapist, effective help in the treatment of these phobias.

float basin wide space allows the procedure to go on together. Procedure "Floating-duo" is very popular among couples and pregnant women. Joint immersion in floatation - this double peace and a new level of intimacy.

float pool hygiene standards

Before each treatment bath basin and disinfected automatically filled with sterile saline. Automatic control system control not only the purification of water, but also its composition, while maintaining an optimal pH level for the protection of the skin.

Sensory deprivation and sound modes

In addition to the full regime of silence and darkness "Float Studio" offers 3 modes of floating sound: with the musical and vocal accompaniment or with your own sound files. Relaxing music helps reduce stress, calm the breath and tune in to the holiday. You can adjust the volume and the backlight during the procedure using the control buttons. Professional voice meditation tracking technique allows yoga Nidra by brief fixation focus at different regions and parts of the body reach conscious deliberate and deep muscle relaxation.

Learn more about the floatation procedure

Center of floating and SPA "Float Studio" - a modern space of holistic healing in the heart of Moscow. Among the key services of the Center - floatation, author facial and body massage, for pregnant women SPA, beauty treatments and rejuvenating. "Float Studio" is a 3-minute walk from the metro station Novokuznetskaya. For studio customers a free parking.

Until the end of summer for promotional code SEA IN THE CITY you can get a discount of 20% on the floatation Solo or Duo.

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