How to come to buying a car

How to come to buying a car

Research from Capital One have shown that many women go to a showroom, accompanied by a man who takes responsibility for the technical details and knocking down prices, while women who are at risk to make purchases themselves, often fall into the trap sell. Why is there such a trend? After all, a woman like no other, knows how to carry shopping. But once it comes to cars, go out the following points into the arena: the lack of experience, negligence in important details, shyness, or simply uncomfortable with the idea that you need to bargain. That is why we have picked up some useful tips for those who are going to make an important purchase, and maybe for a long time puts it. Having understood how the right approach to buying a car, you no longer need the help of men in this matter.

1. Determine your creditworthiness

Before you make a deal, pay heed to the budget that you are willing to spend on it. Quite irrationally in love with the car, which you can not afford, instead, you need to pick up a great option at an affordable price and good quality. Pay attention not only on safety, design, luxury details and unnecessary extras for your comfort, but also on whether the game is worth the candle.

Here it makes sense to talk about credit. The better the pay, the more funding can get the client, and therefore the rate will be more favorable. If you evaluate your creditworthiness is high enough, you can also use it to achieve a more advantageous offer for you. But the pitfalls can be here, so it is best to contact the bank and consult with a specialist before make a purchase.

2. Negotiate the price of the maintenance of

How to come to buying a car

Many love vintage, especially when it comes to home decor. But the same tendency to pursue and car buyers. To date, very frequent cases of buying used cars or vintage cars. Despite the fact that such purchases can be very stylish, aesthetic component, for sure, complemented by a number of technical issues. When choosing a car, you need to think not only about how much money you spend on the purchase, but also how much it will cost the maintenance of the car of your dreams, especially if you are buying an old car.

If you are aware of the status of the machine and is ready for the challenges that continue this, but if you're not sure what would be best in a given situation, choosing a vintage model something simple, reliable, and proven. Maybe you will have to pay more money for the machine itself, but the maintenance strongly do not have to spend money. If you are interested in a model that has long been removed from production, before purchasing it to check the availability of quality parts, and all these things are used to achieve a reduction of price.

3. Check the legal purity of the machine

Every used car should be accompanied by a report on the legal purity, which shows what happened with the car before you decide to buy it: accidents, thefts, previous owners, maintenance, damage and other important details for you. Of course, it is unlikely you will be offered a look at this document as soon as you come to make a deal, but you have the right and should be sure to explore it. If you notice some discrepancies or minor, but still damaging, this information can be used as an argument to lower the price.

4. Ask for advice from a mechanic

How to come to buying a car

After examining the spending on maintenance and legal purity of your future car, do not stop there. An additional advantage you give advice mechanic who will inspect the car before you buy it. The only thing you need to take care - it is that the specialist was independent and impartial, and could give you useful advice about the selected machine.

5. Study the competition

Really productive you will be able to trade only when you exactly know the real price of the car. To do this, you need to explore interesting model at different sites in the salons and among sellers, comparing prices.

Car owners easier to agree on a price reduction, when they see that you know about the details and know the true value is as good as they are. I do not even say that you saw a similar offer from other sources, simply bring the comparative data in the phone or printed on paper. Such an approach to buy cars make you a more advanced buyer, and you can confidently insist on.

6. Rely on logic rather than emotion

How to come to buying a car

For the former owner of the car can be a real treasure, storing thousands of memories and moments experienced, but you, as the buyer does not have to do with it. Therefore, immediately Spend a clear distinction between what this car is really worth, and what makes it the best vehicle in the world to one who sells it. Pay attention only to the facts, even if the seller is trying to focus you on the sentiments. Better to find out, through which passed the car, what difficulties it encountered, whether the accident. Such advice may be useful for those who buy a brand new car, because sellers often play on the feelings, in order to better sell the product.

7. Know your limits

If you bargain hard, you just act on the situation. In fact, the sellers are counting on the price reduction as well as buyers, so there is nothing wrong in the fact that you will insist on playing this game. Irrational to take the first-encountered proposal, not understanding what was going on, and not even trying to set up and its terms too. Trading, keep in mind that the seller usually winds up on average 10% of the original cost of the car in case the customer will ask to lower the price. This so-called safe buffer where no one loses. If you know the limits of your budget, be confident and do not be afraid to abandon the deal at all in search of a more lucrative option. Most importantly, all this you can do yourself.