How do you know whether you have excess weight

Excess weight is not always so obvious, especially when you're just beginning to recover. Understanding their normal weight many occurs only after a series of weight loss and the return of former kilograms.

To know that your figure is all right, you need not only to eat, but also to weigh properly. I'll tell you how smart scales Picooc help you to always keep your weight and health under control.

to take into account various factors

How do you know whether you have excess weight How do you know whether you have excess weight

Conventional scales show just how much you weigh. This information does not give anything to the understanding of the organism. To determine the optimal weight for yourself, you need to consider many different parameters.

Smart scales give a detailed description of your physical condition. To manage them, you need to install an application on a smartphone, and synchronize with weights.

When you register in the application you specify gender, height, date of birth and race. Do not be surprised last parameter, because each race its own characteristics figure.

Weighing only takes a few seconds. During this time the balance will prepare a full analysis of your body, which includes 12 metrics:

  • of body weight;
  • Body Mass Index;
  • total percentage of body fat;
  • index of visceral (internal) fat;
  • protein;
  • basal metabolism (the minimum number of required calories that the body burns at rest);
  • the total muscle mass;
  • skeletal muscle mass;
  • bone mass;
  • the percentage of water content;
  • body type;
  • biological age.

No one model of smart scales does not give such a large number of parameters, such as Picooc. These scales precision sensors, so they are not mistaken.

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The following changes

How do you know whether you have excess weight How do you know whether you have excess weight

For understanding their normal body weight one weighing not enough. Do not forget that weight affects what kind of food you ate the day before, the time of day and your menstrual cycle - on you can easily add a couple of kilos last week.

Picooc application collects data from each weighing and forms of these statistics. You get information about your body in clear charts. All data are written in the usual human language without complex terms and an abundance of figures.

For example, the application can be said that in the last week you have lost 500 grams of the muscles, but gained 400 grams of fat because of a lack of physical activity. Usual scale would simply show that your weight has remained almost unchanged.

The program does not just describe in detail about your condition, but also give useful tips. With weights Picooc you will always know when the body lacks water, and when - exercise.

Application combined with a healthy ecosystem of Apple and Google.

weighed in one and the same time,

How do you know whether you have excess weight How do you know whether you have excess weight

The best time to weigh-in - early in the morning. This should be done after using the toilet, but before taking any food or liquid. To get an objective picture, try to weigh yourself every day at the same time. The app will remind itself that it is time to stand on the scales.

Another difference from other brands Picooc - an unlimited number of users of the application. Most smart scales limit does not exceed 10 people. In Picooc enough to register a new user, and the program will create his individual statistics.

Scales themselves determine which of the registered users on their costs, and update data in the database.

The brand

How do you know whether you have excess weight How do you know whether you have excess weight

Picooc - This is a Chinese startup that specializes in only one product - the smart scales. Unique soft, comfortable and functional app, stylish design and low price quickly took their toll: the first four years the company has sold more than 3 million devices worldwide.

There are two basic models of the brand scales. Picooc S3 square white case of high quality plastic with a hidden LED display. The upper panel is made of high-strength tempered glass on a smooth surface pleasant to stand barefoot. Libra is quite wide, they are convenient to use, even a very tall man.

Picooc S3 can connect to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This means that you do not need to go into the application before each weighing, data is automatically stored in the cloud. The main thing is attitude balance is connected to a home network Wi-Fi. Order smart scales Picooc S3

How do you know whether you have excess weight How do you know whether you have excess weight

The second option - Picooc Mini - you guessed different dimensions mainly, but not only. This model is made of the same materials as the Picooc S3, and is available in white and black. It is only connected for Bluetooth - before you weigh, you definitely need to open the application. Just do not forget to remove the phone from hand to get more accurate data.

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How smart scales work

The basis of the balance of the body Picooc bioimpedance analysis. Is passed through the human body a small discharge current, by which the device able to collect all required data for only 3 seconds.

Notice that the smart scales have contraindications. They are not allowed to use for people with pacemakers. Pregnant women should consult a physician before being weighed as the measurements may be inaccurate.

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