Sex during pregnancy: basic problems and their solutions

Pregnancy complicates the usual life, but does not stop it. Sports, dance in the style of Loboda and sex are available to you in the first nine months, unless the doctor tells the opposite.

Sex during pregnancy is useful to you and your child. You and your partner can finally relax and stop to protect themselves, as well as explore new sexual positions or techniques to achieve orgasm. I talk about common problems of sex during pregnancy and how to cope with them.

1. You can not take a variety of postures

Sex during pregnancy: basic problems and their solutions

During pregnancy, a choice position for sex is much more complicated or simpler for the one available position. With the growing belly is easy to lose your balance, besides it can not be subjected to a load.

Use a cushion for the body. With them, you will receive the necessary support and can take different postures.

Diversify poses help upholstered furniture. Andy Labruna, the mother of nine children recommends upholstered chair yoga. He is well suited for the situation where you're on top. The main burden will fall on his feet, and you will be able itself to control the depth and angle of penetration. The advantage of this method is that you can better communicate with each other, without creating pressure on the abdomen.

2. You are concerned about the idea that the penis of the partner comes to the fetus

To understand the physiology of the process, do a simple association. Imagine that your uterus - a beach ball filled with water (actually the amniotic fluid), in which the child. Penis partner - this edge of the pool, who stumbles on the ball. He can not touch the child, because between the amniotic fluid, the placenta and the uterine wall. Of course, this analogy refers to the normal situation where with your health is OK, and there are no contraindications for sex.

3. Afraid that orgasm can trigger contractions

Sex during pregnancy: basic problems and their solutions

In the moment of orgasm, the uterus contracts, so you can experience the typical seizures. If the period is small, they pass quickly and do not lead to a fight. While the uterus and the fetus are not ready to leave, orgasms are very safe.

From 38 weeks, doctors usually prohibit sexual activity because you really run the risk to give birth prematurely. But when it comes time to give birth, experts even recommend sex.

4. Your chest is very sensitive

Chest pain - a common occurrence during pregnancy, especially during the first months. Completely get rid of it is impossible, but you can do something to make their lives easier. We have already talked more about how to deal with breast sensitivity.

Pick the right clothes - it is important to maintain the chest and prevent stretch marks. Avoid drafts and hypothermia. Pay more attention to skin care: use a special cream, give up soap and other agents that dry the skin. For the maintenance of tone accept air baths and douches.

If sensitivity persists the entire pregnancy, the partner will have to take time off from breast stimulation. It is not necessary to tolerate discomfort for his pleasure.

5. Have you lost attraction and sex partner requires

Sex during pregnancy: basic problems and their solutions

Pregnancy differently affects sexually active women. In some desire disappears from the outset, while others want to have sex more frequently and experience more vivid sensations. In addition, libido changes depending on the duration of pregnancy. As a rule, in the first trimester because of the toxicity and other changes in the body craving disappears. In the second trimester condition stabilizes and returns to the desire to have sex.

It would not have changed your attitude toward sex during pregnancy, the most important thing - your psychological and physical comfort.

Do not forget that the man is difficult to grasp all the features of your state. If you're open to discuss everything that happens, it will help keep intimacy. To explain to him why you now can have sex or how to do it right, if the desire is still there. There are always alternatives erotic caresses and ways to achieve orgasm without penetration.