Digest Mojo Media # 57

We are well aware that the 7 July you will celebrate the victory against Russia over Spain and you will not be up to our articles, but if you suddenly will be a free time, pay attention to our podcasts and articles. That article, rather than posts, as they like to write some ignoramuses. Posts - an ode to suddenly become the favorite team in your social networks, and we've got just the article. Come to us, we do not write about raising the retirement age and do not joke about Russian women and foreign fans.


Digest Mojo Media # 57

It examines you 10 basic rules of female test: We choose, choose us, we make conclusions and evaluate us. And that is typical in men and women are completely different criteria. But about men ever write in Heroine, but in the meantime we recommend enjoy succinct but detailed list of ladies' rules. But bear in mind that the first day of love is still possible to build from a decent, motivated and educated alfacha, but then the truth is still open.

5 important books about the power from Antiquity to the XVII century: Power - is too broad a concept to focus on the muscles and straightening horseshoes. It can be physical, mental, individual or social, military and economic - but whatever. That is why the morally unstable petty "hero" can not be called a strong man, even if he is able like Longinus Podbipente one hand to lift the cart and immediately cut the head 3. This was known in antiquity, and because history has preserved a lot of wise treatises on authentic effect. From Aristotle to John Locke. Actually, our collection consists of these works.

Digest Mojo Media # 57

5 types of people who should be excluded from their lives: Critique, whiners, daffodils - the hell of life. Drive them stale rags, without a trace of embarrassment and regret. But why and for what reason, you will find out in the article. What to do, if you like the married girls, and free you otshivayut: People are not particularly honest would advise not to suffer and destroy other people's families in the best tradition of "colored bitches" of Soviet cinema. Picky people feel that there is no problem, it's just you, dirty pig, looks on foreign ladies. We try to carefully study the letters from our readers and to penetrate into the problem of how to Edinson Cavani to a different penalty. What to do - read the article, there are all the answers.


Digest Mojo Media # 57

5 principles of equal marriage: Want to equality in the family? Work on it. Equal rights - is primarily a collaboration, based on tolerance and respect, and it can not be just because you have beautiful eyes. If you're sure that a man should earn money, and the woman sit at home and occasionally to cook - then do not read this article. All sane is welcome to dive into the text.

11 ways to care for your skin when there is no time and cosmetics: As stated in the first line of the article: "Take a trip all your favorite products for skin care is difficult, especially if you do not have the famous handbags Hermione, but that's no reason to think that your skin is not to be perfect on a trip. " If there is no magic wand in the polite sense of the word, not a curse formula extensions, the only way - to resort to a handy methods. Despite its simplicity, the less effective they become.

Digest Mojo Media # 57

The best orgasm of your life: what you need to know about the squirt: Squirt - quite slippery topic, but it was too intriguing. After a blissful cries Czeczik Adriana and her colleagues in the shop millions of men and women nervously and carefully, not hard at his fingers, trying to achieve a mysterious spray from protected sites. Alas, how to achieve skvirta know one, and can even less people. But Julia Zaykova knows everything and generously share their knowledge.


"We live in the"

As always game. A lot of wild game, watered wildest sauce, and savagery. Idiotic headlines, judges, enclosing themselves salt Village of Fools - nothing normal, total game.

"Employee of the Month"

We know about the parachutists only that they are very desperate guys. And that word "parachute" is written with a "w". Now we know a little more, because to us in the radio room came professional skydiver, who spoke about the competitions, jumping, how much it costs the content and opened the curtain in front of one unfamiliar and very responsible profession - stacker chute.

"Guys, we have sex"

Is it possible to increase the female libido? And if so, how? Our leading know. And, apparently, on personal experience. Mass libidizatsiya close tremble.

"The Wild Duck"

All of our editors Nastka knew as a quiet, calm decent child. And that's what she was mad. I did not drink up to 24 years and then went into the dressing like ... Because alcohol - it's always an unexpected view of things. In fact, Nastya is good and interesting podcast.