How to organize their lives for 1 day

All successful women that we've ever told and know how important self-organization and a competent time-Management, if you want to succeed in everything. But in order to learn the secrets of the great, it is not necessary to have more hours in the day, one day is enough. I gathered simple tips on organizing personal time for you to help change lives.

Do reminders

How to organize their lives for 1 day

Do not rely on your memory - how would you not thought that your brain will keep all the information too is likely to get lost in their own thoughts. Write down all the important details - in a diary, on stickers or a personal blog. Visual representation helps not only to remember that you have to do, but also to plan your week. Do not neglect the important notes of materials: after a year you will be hard to remember the content of useful books without clues - for example, the recorded memories of her.

Choose the time of

Most people work better with deadlines established, and the first feeling of panic that you feel at the sight of his to-do sheet - completely normal. This helps you to focus, not be distracted by trivia, and actually solve all the problems you've chosen.

Take into account what time of day you are more productive, and assigns specific tasks during this interval. Even if it seems to work after ten o'clock at night a little bit crazy, but after dark you really are able to get more done - you can afford to do small projects even after dinner.

Of course, all your schedule should not be harmful to sleep mode - the day you is essential to have at least 7 hours of sleep, and regularly monitor its phases. Lack of deep sleep phase leads to the aggravation of chronic diseases, the development of Alzheimer's syndrome, increased anxiety and depression.

Update Tool

How to organize their lives for 1 day

It is difficult to count on the greater organization of your life, if you lack the right tools for this. Use different notebooks and planners for different tasks, such as sharing personal or business affairs, or different projects that you're working. Something makes sense to lead in digital form - for example, if your colleagues is important to know your schedule. In this situation, you will be able to expand access to its schedule of meetings, as well as allow them to add comments to the new developments.

Do not forget to clear the space

How to organize their lives for 1 day

I find it hard to throw away important items that represent specific moments of my life cards, concert tickets, plane tickets and photographs. But it is these little things can easily prevent you to organize the space in the workplace. That is why it is important to not just a general cleaning once a season: you will be surprised how many do not need can accumulate in a few days. You can use the rules of healthy Downloads: whenever you buy something new, throw something old. If we leave the details of all the difficult, you can always make important notes and memorabilia special diary photo album.

Keep the habit

As soon as you turn your home into a free space on the trash, you still need to work hard in order to keep it in the same condition. Otherwise you will have to repeat this operation again and again, that in itself causes stress.

Use the Getting Things Done or HMYD site application to inculcate a habit. Every day you have to celebrate, do you perform an action - and so for 30 days. A month later, even the inconvenient habit would be perfectly normal and acceptable to you, not to mention the fact that it will save your time.

Get organized in the mail

How to organize their lives for 1 day

With the development of social networks people have become less likely to come into mailboxes - and more frightening each time to see hundreds of notifications of unread emails. Use the filter settings so that all posts of sales from your favorite brands have come to the same folder, the workers notified - in the other, and the notice of social networks automatically become read. Do not forget to also set yourself a weekly reminder that it is time to add a new filter - so you do not miss important emails and you will not waste time trying to look less significant.

Use the right two minutes

Any procrastinator with experience knows that often postpone the case, most likely, will take you no more than two minutes. To make every effort in order to focus on them at least once a week - and be surprised on what relief comes to their disappearance from the list of cases. No matter which category applies to this case - to wipe dust, sew a button or compose a letter - find two minutes to the day to solve a nasty problem.