10 ways to make your voice more confident

Voice has a great impact on how we interact with each other. The reason lies in the impact of the longest nerve of the autonomic nervous system, which performs the function of the parasympathetic response to auditory stimulation. The sounds that we hear, have a direct impact on our stress levels, and are also important for the attachment and growth of confidence in the person.

Voice not only affects the interlocutor, but on the way you feel confident. If you need a little support before you go on a job interview, try several ways to enhance your own voice.

1. Talk through the diaphragm

10 ways to make your voice more confident

To get the team and confident voice that can be heard on the other end of the room, you should try to speak not ligaments, and diaphragm. This requires a little training: when you inhale, your stomach should be slightly raised when the exhale - to fall. When you get used to breathing through the diaphragm, you can start to talk, controlling the breath.

This manner of speaking may come in handy when you're doing a report is interviewed, or just want to say so, to be heard all around.

2. Smile while talking

One way to sound warm and friendly during a conversation - a small smile. At the tone greatly affects your mood, and it is closely connected with the expression on his face. You can easily see when a person smiles, even a phone conversation - all a matter of vibration that can be felt.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to smile all day long, but this trick can help you to sound more friendly, and will get rid of the tension in the room.

3. yawn

10 ways to make your voice more confident

If you want to enhance your own voice - try to yawn before you start it. Yawning helps to relax the muscles of the throat and vocal cords and making your voice a little lower. Since people take a deep voice as an indicator of confidence, life hacking is the way to impress from the first meeting.

4. massage the jaw

Another easy way to relax the throat and make the voice more pleasant - to conduct a gentle massage of the jaw. Slightly open your mouth to share your teeth, then your fingers knead the outer part of the jaw. First, it can be painful - it is a very strong muscles, but the more relaxed they are, the wider you can open your mouth.

5. Straighten

10 ways to make your voice more confident

Your body - is another important tool that helps tune the sound. If you stand straight, you'll breathe deeper and resonate effectively. In addition, the correct posture affects confidence, which will certainly notice the surrounding.

6. Think about what you say

Most people speak softly and distinctly less about things that have little value. If you want to express their opinion or just to look confident, you can help it clear pronunciation of parts.

Mumble is perceived as a lack of confidence, and people will not be interested in you, if you feel that you do not believe his own words. Try a simple exercise to improve diction: Hold the cork for wine teeth. Then read the text of your favorite song or poem. Take the plug and repeat the text again - you will notice the difference in articulation.

7. Take a break

10 ways to make your voice more confident

In order not to appear self-confident, do not forget to pause during a call. Stopping you let thoughts in my head slightly to meet, as well as in control of the appearance of the words-parasites in speech. It also shows the other person that you're calm, and therefore he can also feel relaxed.

8. Breathe slowly

When we are nervous, we breathe a little faster, and thereby bring down the rhythm of speech. This leads to distrust, anxiety and causes stress in the source, so that the practice of conscious breathing.

9. Catch the rhythm with the person

10 ways to make your voice more confident

Try to imitate the human voice, with whom you talk if he chatters, accelerates. If utters his lines slowly adapts and this speed. Match at these levels allows to establish a deep contact and helps to avoid minor conflicts due to misunderstandings.

10. ME

Not necessarily change the tone of his voice, to gain the trust of others, but it is useful to change some details of his speech, to see how it affects others. For example, say a little below their usual tone during the conclusion of the contract. To do this, you can use a simple technique: open your mouth wide, and noises "aaa", slightly pulling the tongue forward. Responses in the back of the throat - is the point where you should direct the sound to sound a little lower.