How successful women begin their morning

Morning - a rare moment of sacred silence, without the noisy world outside the bedroom door. To have a few good habits, to spend the time quietly, but efficiently and rich, is not so difficult - you can use the advice of successful women. They have already found a way to suppress the anxiety and take control of their own affairs, so that their life hacking, and can help you improve your own performance and mood.

Anna Wintour

How successful women begin their morning

Who: of Vogue editor in chief and art director of Conde Nast

where to start: plays tennis

What: Every morning at 5:45 am Anna Wintour arrives at the Tennis Club in New York to play for an hour in your favorite game. Then she preens a little house and went to his office at One World Trade Center, to spend endless meetings. Long meeting - is "all that lasts seven minutes," according to the director of The September Issue R. Cutler, so it is necessary to think in advance the key points for the meeting.

Arianna Huffington

How successful women begin their morning

Who: co-founder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post

where to start: Yoga & Meditation

What it does:

The main part of my morning ritual - that's what I do when I wake up, I do not start my day by looking at your smartphone. Instead, as soon as I wake up, I'll spend a moment to breathe deeply, to be grateful and to define the purpose for the day.

Huffington radiates positive energy and over the last decade, it was she who sets the pace for the digital media industry and, therefore, its habits should at least try to learn.

Mindy Keyling

How successful women begin their morning

Who: actress, comedian, writer where to start: causes a face mask

What it does: In her autobiography, "Why not me?" Mindy Kalin revealed several approaches to the daily morning habits. Her alarm clock rings at 5, and then she takes a quick shower, style your hair and apply makeup to 6 am. To look rested, she uses cloth masks:

It can be a soothing mask. I keep my in the refrigerator, because there are two things that cools Mindy Kaling: beer and facials.

Rosie Hattington-Whiteley

How successful women begin their morning

Who: actress and model

where to start: spends the morning with her husband Jason Statham

What it does: by mid-morning Huntington-Whiteley already walk with the dogs, cooked breakfast - according to its paleodiete dealt a perfume and a good sweat in training.

By that time, most of us just sat down at the chair in the office, Huntington-Whiteley already drinking my green juice, respond to emails, and her hair and make-up ready for the daily shooting.

The only unwholesome ritual in this list - a cup of coffee. "I am absolutely useless without coffee" - recognized model.

Isabel Allende:

How successful women begin their morning

Who: writer

where to start: cup of coffee

What it does:

While the coffee brewed, Isabel writes reviews or publish anything on their website. If she starts a new project, the morning tasks are increasing:

I come to my office very early in the morning, alone. I light candles for the spirits and muses search. I meditate for a while. I always have fresh flowers and incense to tune in to the job.

Isabel Marant

How successful women begin their morning

Who: fashion

where to start: a cup of tea What it does: every morning she puts on jeans, cashmere sweater, a jacket and a scooter goes into the pool.

I need it to breathe and to cope with their stressful days.

She visits the restaurant, built in the last century, with separate changing rooms. After showering, she drinks the juice of carrots and ginger, and then sent to the office. But the time it begins with a coffee of the US, which is not similar to the French way of life.

Lupita Nyong'o

How successful women begin their morning

Who: actress

C then begins meditation

What it does:

Lupita Nyong'o demonstrated their morning habit in the video for Vogue:

I wake up, read, meditate, work, meet with your day.

And even though everything done in the morning does not work, she uses the opportunity to do something that will help to move the body and clear the mind, and thus to prepare for the day ahead.

Juliette de Bobigni

How successful women begin their morning

Who: investor, founder of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

where to start: check email

What it does: in the morning workout for the investor performs video tutorials Tracy Anderson Method Perfect Design DVD or engaged with a private trainer. After a good workout, it emits a little time to spend with the children breakfast. Before an investor gets into office, company brings her two children to school.

Our 15-minute trip - a cherished time for our communication, and thanks to her I really feel that all of us start our day with the right foot.