Checklist: 7 signs that you're in good shape

It's time to stop comparing yourself to others and feel that you do not look as attractive as Beyonce in the movie "Lemonade". And it is not in bodipozitive, and in a simple idea: a healthy body and a calm mind - here's what you need for a happy life. To avoid an alarm that you still have not achieved the results in the gym, I offer you a little checklist that will show that you already in great shape.

Checklist: 7 signs that you're in good shape

1. Your hair and nails look perfect

Healthy hair can be distinguished by three features: the lack of split ends, healthy shine and elasticity. If the hair look dry and lifeless, instead of trekking to the stylist, it is better to think of nourishing oils and vitamins. Maintain healthy nails are much more difficult, but if they do not break, do not exfoliate and smooth the nail plate and body beige, you can be calm, this paragraph about you.

2. The whites of the eyes are not bloodshot

Ideally, healthy eyes can be distinguished by the bright white color of the protein, or the color of eggshell. Due to the surge in the whites of the eyes may appear bright red capillaries, and changes in the environment to cause inflammation. Other changes in color indicate problems with internal organs such as the liver. But do not forget that the look of your eyelids and the skin around the eyes. Dryness, peeling and redness may be a symptom of an allergy or infection.

3. Your BMI is normal

Body Mass Index - an indicator of the relationship of weight to height, showing not only the amount of fat in the body, but also the risk of developing heart disease or diabetes. To stay healthy, it is important to control the BMI level and keep it within 18, 5, and 24, 9 points. Pposchitat its indicator can be a simple formula: BMI = body weight in kilograms / (height in meters x height in meters).

Checklist: 7 signs that you're in good shape

4. You have a balanced weight

Weight best reflects the state of health. It is important to strike a balance between height and weight, and not just chase the dream figure. This is also the fact, in what state is your spine, posture and bone health. If you notice that sometimes you lose balance, should get tested and find out if there are any problems in the spinal cord.

4. There are no problems with the kidneys and intestines

To make sure that your body is functioning normally, it is important to keep track of what is happening in the toilet. The ideal color of urine should be pale yellow, and the chair is not too runny. Another appearance or smell quite sharp features may be some problems with kidney or intestine.

Checklist: 7 signs that you're in good shape

5. You observe sleep

You can easily fall asleep within 20 minutes after it head touched the pillow. On average, do you spend on sleep 8 hours and did not wake up in the middle of the night with a sense of anxiety. If that's you, and at this point you can set yourself a check with your sleep mode all is well. To make the night even more comfortable and useful, read our article on how to arrange your bed.

6. You are able to withstand a simple workout

To make sure everything was in order with your body, perform a 15-minute workout on stamina enough. Some researchers have suggested to try a 10-minute aerobic session: 10 push ups and 10 minute sprint full burpee. If all you can do without fear of a cardiac arrest, you can go ahead and try a more advanced fitness.

6. You smell like love

Do not rush to reach for a deodorant immediately as come out of the shower. Spend a few minutes to evaluate your own smell. If the verification process or means nothing to worry about during the day you do not notice an unpleasant veil.

On the problem report the following scents: ammonia - kidney failure, sour - lung diseases, hydrogen sulfide - the problems of the digestive system.

Checklist: 7 signs that you're in good shape

7. Thy pressure norm

When the arterial system is operating normally, all parts of the body receive oxygen in sufficient quantities. If you do not feel numbness, muscle cramps and headaches, as well as not need to stimulants like coffee in the morning, most likely, your blood pressure is normal.

Another important indicator - the emotional state throughout the day. mood swings, poor concentration and fatigue indicate stress or problems with hormones.