Digest Mojo Media # 44

First Monday - the Mojo Media digest it, and then later work, the beginning of the week, the day when it is better not to be born. Digest Mojo Media - it's a nice look into the past, the ability to catch up and is another way to have a good time. Two magazines - BroDude and Heroine, 4 podcast - here's what we we delight you every week.


Digest Mojo Media # 44

Kojima's genius: For some, the phrase - not more than a meme. For others - a truism. Theodor Sedin tried to figure out what the whole world loves ageless magician gaming industry.

How to become a man who will ruin any trip: These people are even not allowed to hell, so they are disgusting. And we wrote detailed instructions to you behaved on the trip the other way around. After all, the worst thing you can do - to spoil the people rest.

5 women, with whom it is better not to have sex, "you like this animal," "gold-diggers" - who are they? These are the types of women, which should be avoided. Especially if you do not need anything except sex. Memorize to get away from the women's shower of dreams and not to plunge into something wet and sucking.

Digest Mojo Media # 44

8 crazy superstitions, because of which you look ridiculous: Repulsed knuckles zaharkav own shoulders and destroying all the witches in the neighborhood, we realized that the belief in omens brings nothing good. And if you study the history of occurrence of the signs and turn on the logic, it is possible to experience the Spanish ashamed of what you them once observed. In this article we will share observations and call for common sense. But to solve, as always, you.

5 intriguing hypotheses and theories about how the world works: Leonid Novak's article appears in our magazine less and less, but they only become interesting. At this time, Leonid touched on science - a single sphere of human life, which has not yet been vulgarized, and continues to pull ahead intolerable. These theories will help you show off in front of friends umische, friends and colleagues. How to survive a bad day: We all need this article. Especially those who every day - bad. But Rodion Makhov save us all, even if the rest of the world against.

Digest Mojo Media # 44

Why are some people luckier than others: Life devoid of balance and fairness. Therefore, one-take-all, while others - nothing. Is this normal? If we look at the causes of what is happening, yes. Let's examine them in order to become more successful.

6 professions, which are very harmful to health: Oddly enough, but there will be no contract and uranium miners. Because in the quiet craft lurking devil, hemorrhoids, nervous breakdown.


Digest Mojo Media # 44

5 scientific facts about casual sex: Everything you need to know before you indulge in all serious, is set out in this article. And the science here is not an excuse, but a competent explanation of what happens every day.

From migrant to millionaire: story of a woman who built beauty industry: Name Helen Rubinstein today few remember. However, this fragile immigrant was referred to as "the woman who invented the beauty." Read an interesting article about a person, to make the beauty industry such as we know it.

What happens to your body if you regularly masturbate: In fact, this article explains why self-gratification - this is a very good and useful. As they say, masturbate with us, as we masturbate, masturbate better than us. And regularly.

Digest Mojo Media # 44

11 things you need to do in a new city: How to feel the spirit of the city, understand what lies behind the facade? Attractions Tours will not be enough. We need to plunge into the very soul "bessvetnogo Urbana" and see how it is beautiful.


"Employee of the Month" at this time was a real TV producer. Presentation of their responsibilities differ from reality. To learn how to communicate with people, to persuade them to come to the shooting, do not go crazy on the light aircraft accidents and murders and the sound of the sea stories from practice - in the new issue.

Seems to show, "Guys, we have sex" can be renamed in "Guys, I'm in frendzone". So often this theme sounds in the air. Well what can I say, frendzona - it is frendzona. The guys are trying to help.

And in the "wild ducks" sounded really wild stories from the citizen, who sold the X-Box, to make a proposal to the girl. Listen to the podcast to find out how it was possible to make such a vile act.

Finally, all your favorite show, "We live in this." The mood in the air reigned drooping guys complain about life, discussing the giant crocodile, public toilets pit road, from which you can have, and the history of the Pasha.


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