How to arrange the pictures in the interior

The picture can be a continuation of the interior, it fits into an organic part, or accent, which subdue the environment. Although inept location even Mona Lisa seem absurd trinket, covering the hole in the wall. So that the image really worked on the overall atmosphere in the room, follow some basic rules to accommodate this enhancement. They act as a picture, and for posters or photos.

Before buying a picture, find a place for it

How to arrange the pictures in the interior

If you fell in love with the picture in the salon or store, do not rush to take it. First we need to understand whether there is a worthy place in your apartment for her. Measure the dimensions, engrave layout of cardboard and attached to the walls by adjusting the height.

An overall picture can not hang up and put on the floor. This type of placement, both in the studio of the artist, is popular in recent years. It is appropriate only if you have a large empty corner or a place near the wall where the image will not be lost for the furniture.

Be prepared that you may have to spend a small adjustment, to make room for the new accessory.

The picture should be proportional to the interior

It is important to relate the picture to the surrounding objects that it is not lost, but did not press dimensions.

When you place a picture of the furniture is ideal if the extreme corners of the frame a little shorter than the length of the chest, a table or a sofa. This rule works for one painting, and the composition of several objects. Vertical picture can make the wall visually above, and the horizontal - is longer. Therefore, use this element of the decor, to adjust the space.

correctly select the frame

How to arrange the pictures in the interior

The frame is no less important than the image itself. So the picture is not merged with the wall color, you can use contrasting prints. Massive frame to help balance a large chest of drawers or a marker bed on which to hang a picture.

When creating compositions also pay attention to the frame: the same moldings and picture frames with different hang better suited for a swarm of symmetrical arrangement, where they are concentrated around the main image.

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The main thing - moderation

It is not necessary to decorate the walls with paintings in the house, no matter how good they may be. Otherwise, the image will simply be lost. It is an accessory that requires attention. Therefore, around the picture must be the air. Let the space will be proportional to the size of the image. The close arrangement is relevant only in composition, but if it takes up the whole wall, the walls of the rest of the picture should not hang. The eye must cling to the image and not to slide on the large colorful mass.

Take care about lighting

How to arrange the pictures in the interior

You probably know how much light is important for a good photo. This rule also applies when talking about your wall in the apartment, but not on the page in the social networks.

The image should be well lit, but not exposed to direct sunlight, which could damage it, or create uncomfortable glare. If you still hang a picture on the sunny side, placed her under anti-reflective glass.

Take into account both natural and artificial light. Backlit picture will look spectacular and not get lost in the evening twilight.