10 things to do better in the evening

10 things to do better in the evening

The most common evening I rarely have the energy for anything other than dinner and a couple of hours watching a light movie. However, there are many things that are worth doing it in the evening instead of the morning. We will tell you about the night habits, which will help harder to sleep at night and wake up in the morning without problems.

1 is determined with the objectives

10 things to do better in the evening

It does not matter, it concerns a dream of all your life or you just want to come up with a training schedule and menus for a week - think about it before you sleep. Every day - new challenges. Plans should be regularly adjusted, and in the morning you might just find time for it.

2. Expresses its gratitude to

10 things to do better in the evening

To think about what should be grateful - a great way to focus on the good things that will help you fall asleep and see pleasant dreams. Thanks for the things that you have, trains the brain to see the good in everything. It is necessary to do it in the evening because of the morning routine and during the working day can not find time for it.

3. Take a hot shower

10 things to do better in the evening

Many love to take a shower just in the morning, but if you like really hot procedures, they should do with the evening. When your body temperature changes due to heat, it causes a strong desire to quickly fall asleep. So that according to many studies it helps to overcome insomnia, as well as completely relax the body.

4. Wash dishes

10 things to do better in the evening

No one wants to wake up and see the mountains of dishes in the sink and stack clothes in laundry basket. No general cleanings - just add 15 minutes restore order in his routine before bedtime. Let this be a simple ritual, like brushing your teeth. Fill the washing machine, clean the sink and countertops - this will be enough to save you time in the morning, and the mess will not spoil your mood.

5. Create lists

One of the most common errors associated with the to-do lists, is that people wait until the morning to begin to live under the new system. A recent study by Baylor University found that when making a list of tasks for the next day in advance, it will help you fall asleep faster. Usually you scroll in a head the thought of what will happen tomorrow. If you record an advance plans, then the next day it easy to cope with anxiety and liberate yourself time for a breather.

6. The controlled breathing

10 things to do better in the evening

Another good habit that will improve the quality of sleep - breathing exercises. They regulate pressure, connect the mind and body in one quiescent state. And it affects what dreams you dream.

7. Deep clean the skin

10 things to do better in the evening

A complete deep cleansing not only helps to remove all the dirt and oil, but also to relax. Spend time trying to clean the pores, equalize the tone and moisturize the skin before laid in bed. Imagine that this is your new ritual of self-love and a wonderful way to end a long and difficult day.


Take notes

The day our brains are filled with vast amounts of information and new experiences which need to be processed. Literally five minutes short notes about the day, light sketch or blog post will help you free up the mind, and it is logical to finish the day. No more tangled thoughts before going to sleep!

9. Read

10 things to do better in the evening

Someone who likes to read in the morning, and someone prefers flipping the news before going to bed. What's important: your brain better remember exactly what you read before bed, which, incidentally, has always helped students before exams. No smart phones and laptops - use a traditional paper book, not to have problems with the production of melatonin by the screen light.

10. Use essential oils

Even one drop of lavender on your pillow can work wonders with the quality of sleep. Use only those fragrances that are designed for rest and relaxation. Avoid citrus fruits, because they invigorate and improve care. Essential oils significantly affect the way that you get enough sleep, are particularly useful natural flavors for those who spend no more than 5 hours in bed.