10 ways to make your home sexier

10 ways to make your home sexier

The romantic mood on zero? Take a look around: maybe it's the pale atmosphere of your home and not in a sad personal life. We do not get tired of repeating that the interior has a huge impact on the health, and give advice on the proper organization of space.

Just a few details will help to feel sexy, and I'm not talking about lace underwear. Here are 10 ways to make your home more sensual. No vulgarity and debauchery - only style.

1. Soft tissue

Sexuality - is primarily a nice touch, so soft fabrics should be everywhere. In the bedroom you can afford delicate silk sheets and pillowcases. The living room should be comfortable pillows and warm blankets volume, in which certainly want to be wrapped in the arms of someone and turn a good movie.

2. Dim lights

Nothing kills romance like a bright light, so only the yellow lamp lights, candles, colored lampshades. Harsh fluorescent lamps can be left in the bathroom and in the kitchen, but with the ability to turn off the main light and use lights.

The invention of electricity dealt a crushing blow to women's self-esteem: the twilight anyone will look perfect. It was then that cosmetics appeared in the arsenal of every yoke. The fact that the subdued light - the best friend of women, do not forget today.

10 ways to make your home sexier

3. Bold patterns

Eye-catching geometric patterns in the interior - this is risky and very sexy. Instead of playing with bright colors, use monochrome and shifted the emphasis on mixed patterns. Best of all, they look at the soft tissue, which, as we have seen, you have to surround yourself with.

4. Metal accents

This is the easiest way to diversify design. In addition, metals are well combined with any objects. Gold, silver, bronze, copper, rose gold - the choice of sexual parts add a modicum of atmosphere of glamor and sophistication.

5. Furs and

Though the animal prints are associated with sexuality, fur and leather accents do not look so vulgar and more creatively. Fur pillow or lightweight folding chair, steering wheel adds a modern touch to your space. With these details need to be very careful not to overload the interior. Natural materials used does not necessarily, faux fur and leatherette not work worse.

10 ways to make your home sexier

6. Shades of precious stones

Luxury deep colors of gemstones has become one of the most striking trends in interior design in the past year. Rich melancholic colors - dark blue sapphire, emerald green or ruby ​​- work well in bedrooms and other living areas. If you decide to do a wall with an accent or fill color of the room, these shades - what you need to create a sexy atmosphere.

7. Black

If you prefer more muted colors in the interior than the gems colors, black can be an excellent alternative. Try to paint them entirely one wall or part of the wall. Use a matte finish to add drama and romance.

8. The paintings on the walls of

Artistic abstraction and original graphics will enhance the sexual energy of your home. They should be a mystery and provocation, no obvious eroticism: art excites some hints. In addition, pictures can contain two other sexual decor element - pastel and metallic colors.

10 ways to make your home sexier

9. Mirrors

Not everyone can afford a mirrored ceiling, besides him there is no lighting will not save you from their own systems. To space look more sexy, quite a few mirrors. Choose with antique or metal frames and are arranged so that they have discovered an unexpected viewing angle.

10. Flowers

Well, what a romance without fresh flowers! Not all are lucky to get every day fresh bouquets as beloved Mayakovsky Tatyana Yakovleva. However, that is no reason to despair. Independent and strong can always say that the despised dead flowers.

10 ways to make your home sexier 10 ways to make your home sexier

Buy some beautiful indoor plants with large bright flowers. They can pick up the pot with a stylish eye-catching design is not concise.