9 ways to cheer up decaffeinated

Difficult to wake up everyone, regardless of chronotype. It is believed that affects mostly "owls", but the "larks" also did not jump up like a spring, when the first sound of the alarm. The time to awaken your body is necessary as soon as possible, so tell that could embolden other than a good cup of coffee.

1. Breakfast

9 ways to cheer up decaffeinated

A lot of people claim that they can not eat, how long should not wake up. But the sooner you eat, the faster cheer - is such a vicious circle. Food provides calories and calories - the energy that is necessary to your body to stay in good shape. So you need to teach yourself to delicious breakfast, like any good habit.

2. Water

After sleep it is very important to drink water in addition to the morning coffee or tea. It is better to drink a glass of water as soon as you open your eyes. It will wake your stomach and prepare it to receive breakfast.

3. Training

"Morning training" - sounds menacing and seems something out of science fiction. But if you still take himself in hand and follow out this advice at least once, you'll get a horse dose of energy and endorphins. I myself have not tried, but experts say that everything is as it is.

Okay, try to even just move. Make a small charge. It's a bit to prepare your body for the activity, and you will not break a leg, leaving the room. Even simple stretching can improve the state of health in the morning. It stimulates blood flow, providing the muscles with energy, and mood rises when you start to think, what you done.

9 ways to cheer up decaffeinated

4. Vitamin B-12

Fitness guru fanateyut of this vitamin, but in fact it is almost useless if the body is already producing it in sufficient quantities. But those who feel constant fatigue, for whom the awakening is not just laziness and physical distress, B-12 can really add energy and make life easier. Identify, this vitamin helps normal blood test if you need me.

If your every morning like a zombie apocalypse, consult a doctor until your boyfriend is not stocked flamethrower.

5. Compliance sleep

You're already a big girl, and you can go to bed with whom you want and when you want. But your body is not in awe of the downed sleep.

Saving a regular and consistent sleep schedule helps the body to enter into a natural rhythm. You dressiruesh your body to easily fall asleep and wake up easily. Doctors recommend carefully monitored to ensure that the deviation from the usual regime was no more than an hour. This applies to both the time of falling asleep and waking up.

6. The rhythmic music

Under it you can do all of these rituals (even to go to the doctor). As much as I loved melancholic and completely discourage the desire to live Russian rock in the morning try to incorporate something pobodree.

9 ways to cheer up decaffeinated

Fast music can increase the heart rate and make you more active. Bear in mind, charging is still no substitute.

7. Go outside

Look around you and understand that life is beautiful. Just kidding. If the window the sun, ask him for Vitamin D - it will add you energy. If you live in St. Petersburg, will please just thought 'I'm in St. Petersburg ". If the fate of the villain has brought you, for example, in Severomorsk, here too, no medicine is powerless. A breath of fresh air on a snow-covered balcony will have the same refreshing effect as the sun.

8. Peppermint

Ever wonder why such mint toothpaste? It turns out not only to mask bad breath. Mint stimulates the nerve fibers, it is like to sprinkle a little in the face with cold water. Brushing your teeth in the morning, mint chewing gum or candy on the way to work or in the middle of the day can help fight fatigue.

9. Laugh

9 ways to cheer up decaffeinated

It is rather strange to see how you're off the alarm, open your eyes and bursts out laughing. But to have fun in the morning did not hurt. Laughter reduces stress, that you feel at the thought that soon again see their colleagues. In addition, it activates the organism, increasing the heart rate.

Turn funny show funny videos or for breakfast. Better something short, it was not necessary to interrupt the pleasure of the most interesting place.

Of course, these tips are not made of zasonya early birdie, but will help to give a good start to the day. Remember that healthy sleep is not replaced by any magic morning.