8 signs that you dropped out of his life

Recently, life has become more boring. You increasingly point to your carelessness? Work sad, in a relationship, nothing happens. You do not like are present in their own lives. Familiar? Immediately see if you have not fallen under the heap of problems.

1. You forget where was

8 signs that you dropped out of his life

You go to a place without hesitation and on autopilot? I came into the room, but you can not remember why? Fortunately, this is not a sign of incipient Alzheimer's, but only an indication that you set a goal to hurry and did not have time to think about it. The brain can not store all the information at once, especially if you consider it a minor, so gradually frees up space for something that excites you more.

Therapist Jessica Tappan recommends that in such moments to stop and pick up new routes. I did not see how to get to work? Next time, spend a bit of time trying to look around and enjoy the scenery. You may wonder how the city has changed.

2. At night, you think a lot of sleep instead of

One of the signs of overload - if at night instead of sleeping you think too much. Try to pay attention to the rhythm of your breath, the way there is a blanket, and other physical components. This will help to fall asleep faster.

You can try the visualization: Imagine a large wastebasket next to the bed and Put all thoughts. They are not going anywhere in the morning - will be based in the same place, but it will not prevent your sleep.

3. Do you avoid situations where something can go wrong

Your ideas and ideas are, because it seems safer not to risk it. If you avoid new opportunities for work or ignore the event, because Do you hear that something can go wrong, it deliberately izoliruesh themselves from the world. Cease to be afraid of the risks, open up to new experiences and for all forget about Murphy's Law.

4. If you can not remember what you ate yesterday

8 signs that you dropped out of his life

You could enjoy the flavors and texture of the food, but if you do not remember what you ate, it did not remain in your head. Most likely, the body slows down all processes that do not respond to signals from the outside world, because they tire you. The ability to taste - one of the processes, which "got laid off." Enjoy a meal - it's a great way to practice mindfulness! Try to eat slowly, do not be distracted, and experiment with flavors.

You 5. Nothing amuses

If you do not take on life is nothing new - there is nothing to entertain you. And to truly enjoy what's happening to you, you have to be present in their lives. Look for a spark due to which you are so eager to be the best in their work. Put in new projects more soul, show their best qualities.

6. Do you think that the whole world - a ladder

Many people have a habit of choosing a goal and think that they will be happy as soon as it is achieved. When I have a new apartment, when I get a new job, when I get married - then I will be happy. Stop planning and live in the present! When you reach the first goal, it will create a new and get stuck in an endless cycle of deferred gratification.

7. You forget names of

Usually do not remember the names and faces - a sign of severe negligence. But the matter is in the fact that you must be attentively listened to his friend! The more respect you will refer to the words when meeting, the better you can link them in his head.

If this does not help, then listen to me: why you could not get in touch with someone? What do you dislike about your relationships? Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that you just do not want to interact more with the new acquaintance.

8 signs that you dropped out of his life

8. You're literally stuck in the phone

Being online does not mean to be in touch with the world. When the room is uncomfortable, there is nothing easier than to bury in your phone. But notice the endless distraction from real life and thoughts, and senseless acts knock you out of your own life. Start small - daring applications that do not use for work, and to limit their frendlisty.