Digest Mojo Media # 38

Yesterday was Monday, and now bam - again on Monday. This sharp Mondays cycle in nature confused, so if you have not moved away from the thoughts of last week, that catch our digest and are familiar with the fact that I missed.

We connected BroDude, who are wary of their girlfriends girls.

Digest Mojo Media # 38

The article "Should I marry a divorcee with a trailer" should be read not so much for the response Theodor Sedin, but for the sake of comments. Here, as they say, all mixed up: fire and ice, good and evil, cretinism and common sense answers with Mail.ru and real-world experience, fucking shame and clever ideas. This theme, like Joseph Stalin, provocative and do not lead people to a consensus. From this our readers more difficult to make a decision, but everything else more interesting.

But nothing of the marriage and its consequences can be found in the article by Rodion Macha, who experienced in their own skin, which is marriage. "6 myths about marriage that do not correspond to reality" - the article for those who are looking for the positive in homophonic word for something bad.

There are as many as 5 things that make you the black sheep of the masses understand. You're in the absolute right to be a vegetarian, does not drink alcohol, to defend women's rights and to assist the Prophet of San Boy "Money." Just a society do not really appreciate it. Only it's not a reason to give up.

Digest Mojo Media # 38

As stated in one of the comments below the article: "Article comforting, if not happy, then at least probably smart." Well, the offer to proceed to the article "6 reasons why smart people can not be happy," and ... Calm down.

And here is the Heroine with his beautiful female face and in a good kind of penmanship.

As you know, the world is fraught bunch of dangers for a lady. It should be ready for all ills and embarrassment even to protect against attack. For these purposes, the leader of organized crime groups "Wild Dancers" and a black belt in a fight in the area of ​​Alina Kolesnikova wrote an article "How to protect yourself on the street."

Relationship - this is when you feel good with her boyfriend, and then he, for no reason at all for some reason, makes you an offer. But do not upset the human failure - you have to agree. Now it remains the most important and difficult - to relive the wedding. But nothing, Julia Zaykova knows how to properly and without nerves to organize a wedding celebration.

Digest Mojo Media # 38

Muse of the great Dali can rightly be considered one of the most extraordinary women of her time. The woman that could not be called beautiful, but the force of her charm was battling on the spot. Russian immigrant, which the whole world admires. She drove her husband to tantrums, but without it he simply could not exist. She was loved and hated, respected and despised. Be sure to check about the great Gala Dali, because her life is instructive and unique person. When cultured man satiated our articles, it goes to the Telegram - explore our quivering channels.

"Know!", Which is popular and very interesting talks about science. For example, about how graphene can solve 5 main problems of the world. It should be made clear that graphene - is not grafon and stuff ... In general, he read and learn.

"We will lie with me", where we openly and unabashedly tell about sex. This week there was more sexual artifacts than articles.

"They are moving", where the best SIFCO, which only saw humanity.

However, our "Mole" like a lame horse, wandering on the road. Works intermittently, if the supply of electricity in the village Zhopino. But this is temporary. There's a file that zalyubueshsya.

In the radio room to Darya-Weaver, on the show "Employee of the Month", I entered the radiologist, who spoke about his looking glass electromagnetic profession. All about exposure standards, but communication with the patient about the danger that in itself carries an X-ray. And at the same time explain why the novice radiologist to go to a private clinic. But you can guess why.

In the show, "Guys, we have sex," there was a discussion of whether it is possible to get the lady to invite the gentleman for a date. And why it is generally considered bad form, if a girl makes the first move. Stereotypes, be they are wrong. By the way, Daria found in the hood on the road to a podcast of a cat, which now suck up to her in her apartment. He was lucky, as opposed to the peacock, which is not allowed on the plane. Worse Only Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - some activists are trying to make them vegan. All this and a little bit about how to avenge towing services (yes, that's not a typo) in the podcast, "We live in this."

In any form of art, even in our podcast, there is room classics. Therefore, in the "Wild Ducks" program, we will show retrovypusk with charming Galina, which tells about the adventures of a car. Well I do not have time to write a fresh issue, do not be angry. We compensate talented archives.

We remind you that we have a nation-wide chat Telegram. Sometimes it's even possible to meet our publication employees and ask them about something intimate. Not only about how to regain a Woman, Man. And then you can share important information. For example, where you can buy buckwheat for shares and how was your evening in Voronezh.