Digest Mojo Media # 36

If we woke up - so life is not as bad as it might seem. If we have the strength to wash up and go to work - hence, it is still better than it might seem. And that existence does not seem useless enough to check out a weekly digest of Mojo Media.

Traditionally, starting with BroDude - magazine, who hates the damn brutal regime.

Digest Mojo Media # 36

We picked melodies and rhythms that are very convenient to beat the shit or get ruthless zvizdyuliny. Ringtones to battle the infernal drums and angelic lyre. Enchanting music and accelerates the blood, giving 105 to the courage and strength to 75, in the article "Playlist for the fight against BroDude".

The debate about where to work - in the office or at home, - delayed. Somehow it reminds disputes Kazakh students on what is better: "Real" or "Barcelona". There are no winners and losers - just have two points of view. Therefore, we are not saying in this article, that the house work better, but simply advise how to stay productive.

Digest Mojo Media # 36

Why do you have to start thinking before you say something? Probably everyone will be typed on a few of their causes. We have accumulated 5, of course, their own, and we will be pleased if you our opinions coincide. If not, we hope that the reasons given in the article seem convincing.

Stay with the girl or let the winds? What would you chose? The author of this question, too, can not understand. Looking at the reasons why it becomes clear why. Here you will not understand without a hundred grams. But Rodion Macha turned. Read the answer, leave a comment, if you do not agree with the author's position.

We continue with articles last week, and we turn Heroine. They tell you that you need to know about modern girls.

Digest Mojo Media # 36

Who would not say that, while in Russia a lot of good movies. Simply it is rarely shown in theaters, and the output of the new tape is not supported by the annoying ads. In addition, it is movies or depressed, or absurd, or too deep for popcorn. Our authors have made a selection of 10 good intellectual art house paintings of Russian reality. Merry little, because the reality of Russia.

A very interesting article entitled "Die while young: what prevents porn actress to live." As you know, the end of last year was marked by a succession of deaths Kudesnitsa cinematic coitus. It is not only upset the fans, but also made us think about why the actress voluntarily give up their lives. After adoration against pornography from Lola Taylor begins to worry about the issue with a vengeance. Whether business in the heads, or in business, or all at once.

Digest Mojo Media # 36

Why do couples come together after the divorce? It is logical to ask about this in pairs themselves, as did the authors of Heroine. Three heroines, who tell their story a happy reunion. The best proof that you can be happy, and in the second round.

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"Know!", Which is popular and very interesting talks about science. For example, here you can see the Stanford lecture "Biology of Human Behavior" by Robert Sapolsky.

"We will lie with me", where we openly and unabashedly tell about sex. For example, about the awkward and sometimes unpleasant intimate situations that you want to forget as soon as possible.

"They are moving", where the best SIFCO, which only saw humanity. And needs no introduction "Mole", which clearly show should look like a perfect woman.

After the letter "A" is the letter "B", after change - divorce, children born after negligence. Continuing this list of laws, we recall that after telegrams channels in our list are podcasts. To them and stopped.

On a visit to the show, "Employee of the Month" came a young entrepreneur who recently opened his own studio beauty. What business - concept of asexual, there is nothing to open a beauty salon. In addition, he spoke in detail about his actions, of what start-up capital needed to open the "beauty of the kingdom" and there are some nuances in this business.

Leading from "Guys, we have sex," answered the question as being: to show off and wait for a prince or not to show off, and meet with the good guys?

In the "wild ducks" will hear shocking stories about how the studio guest was forced to take a photo in the nude not just anywhere, but in the military. Well, quite innocent in this background stories about the theft of watermelons and launch the burning airship.

And in the show, "We live in this" leading tried to respond to the concerns of humanity: how to celebrate the Day of the incredible coincidence, the police showered hijacker snowballs why fitter arranged brawl on the plane, which is needed Minister of loneliness?

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