How to get more pleasure from reading books

How to get more pleasure from reading books

Once my mother saw me for the book, asked if it is interesting.

- I sometimes think that the world is not uninteresting books, and I can read up to the end of any - I said.

- I, too, so before she could, and now - my mother waved his hand towards his youth, where there are no two children, work, and all the books fascinating.

At this point, I wondered how to do so, so as not to lose the love of reading in everyday life.

Ever since I graduated from university, the book definitely have come to occupy less space in my life. In this case it is clearly not that I fell out of love to read or become more busy. To read is of great benefit and pleasure, I have decided to follow a few tips. If you want to rediscover the pleasure of books, join.

Rest of social networks

Social networks - one of the swamps for your brain. It seems that we have become more erudite, learn a lot and are always up to date with the latest news. Now no relevant reproach that young people read less, because even those who hardly list all the letters of the alphabet, every day absorb the texts on the Internet.

However, our brain just is not designed for this amount of information. This reading you entertained for a short while, but did not leave a trace in your head.

In addition, the notification in the messengers do not give a long time to focus on anything else. The brain has such a strong reflex to flee to the phone, heard the signal - Pavlov's dog only to the temple shook. Try to take a day off from social networks at least once a week. Disable notifications and began to read. You'll be amazed at how much you really spare time.

Turn reading into a self-help method

The world seems to have tired of workaholics, and finally realized that happiness is not eternal in the race and the fight for success and the ability to relax and indulge in speculation.

How to get more pleasure from reading books

I Am finding time to relax and calm are not just important - it is necessary. Why do I need to love yourself, you already know. So do not limit their little joys walk, meditation, beauty treatments and watching soap operas. In your schedule for the week to reading as well as appoints the hike in the nail salon.

Listen instrumental music while reading

To focus on, I often need complete silence, and some of my friends say that they can not read or work without background noise. Scientists argue about the effects of music on concentration. It is believed that listening to music helps to calm instrumental focus, lowers blood pressure and even relieve pain. Try it the next time add to your reading good soundtrack.

Get rid of unnecessary books

It sounds paradoxical, but you should carry out a regular audit of their book collection. There are people who like to collect books, the new root on the shelf brings them joy. Perhaps you are one of them. But if you were inconvenienced by the feeling that in the collection of too many works to which his hands have never reached, and it seems that you do not read - Get rid of the books. Browse your library every six months and clean out the books you never read, or do not want to re-read. To give away to friends, donate to any institution, to submit in one of the street libraries. When only the books will remain, from which you excited, you will want to read more.

cleans and organize your work space

Unpleasant atmosphere pollutes your mind. According to an article in the journal Psychology Today, the disorder seriously affects the mental health: can you feel less happy, or will be unable to accept new information. It scores a neural network, making the person slowly and making it difficult to process information. Clearly not the state, if you want to read more usefully.

How to get more pleasure from reading books

It is not only the absence of dirt. Regularly Get rid of all the useless junk, or find a separate enclosed space for him.

Make friends with your book club

This is especially true for those who, like me, work at home and wants to at least the weekend to look at people and see that mankind has not yet died out.

Try to combine the benefits of reading and pastime with friends - create your own circle of readers. It sounds old-fashioned, I know, but there is something appealing intelligent. Discuss familiar book or read aloud. This is a new reading experience for each of you.

Give up the goal to read a certain number of books per year

Some like to do one of the challenges in the new year reading a certain number of books. I have this annoying and cause more anxiety than excitement. If a nasty teacher constantly pokes me in the back pointer.

Not necessarily just abandon the plan. Just do not make it that long. It is better to set a limit of 50 pages a day or a week - it sounds better than 75 books a year.

Do not let others influence their attitudes toward reading

How to get more pleasure from reading books

If you notice that you need to be aware of new books or not to buy fewer books than your friends, impact on your enjoyment of reading - Discard any pressure. Read it because you want to, and what you like. This will not turn the dialogue with books in the service, and just enjoy.