How to be productive all week

In an ideal world, we record all the plans in a notebook and carry them. The real world is not perfect, and in order to maintain a balanced life interesting and have to work hard. Here's what you can take to plan the perfect week.

Sunday: planning

Sit down with a cup of tea or glass of wine in his favorite chair and start planning your week. Use scheduler like Getting Things Done, which helps not only to record goals, but also to keep track of expenses, plan a menu. To start the required Plan your event, and then gradually add personal "Wishlist". Do not forget to leave a place to rest.

How to be productive all week

The rational planning a lot of advantages not only in the time with regard to: planning your diet, you not only see to it that the diet was healthy, but also greatly save money. And if you are serious you approach to planning a wardrobe for a week, you do not need more time in the morning to iron things or collect the bag. Constantly forget the keys and charge? This will not happen if you have collected all in advance.

Tuesday: to achieve results

Monday - the worst day of the week, and usually the busiest of tradition. Trying to recover from the weekend, we can not see how fast sweeping day. Make effective Monday, completing all the most difficult task that would normally take a week. Do not get distracted into small tasks and "eat" as many frogs as possible - unpleasant cases that are difficult to tune.

Sunday: three shake

Along with the usual tasks, do the three things that do not normally do. Walk with friends to a movie or start to paint the picture. Fill your day with three lessons that will take you out of your comfort zone. Let Tuesday will be the most exciting and the most unexpected day of the week - Plan your at it a date!

Medium: exhale

Announce Wednesday the new Friday! The middle of the week - it's time to spend an evening relaxing, and not wait for the weekend. This will help you to make up the energy to carry out all the plans for the weekend. Do not forget to take the mask for sleeping and download your favorite TV series.

How to be productive all week


Wednesday: only for themselves

The work captures all your attention, and rushes past week. Just do not forget to set aside all things, and in the evening to start his personal project. Even if you spend a little time on it, but after a few Thursdays progress will be noticeable, and you will be close to the implementation of its objectives.

Wednesday: fun

Friday was created exclusively for social fun, so grab friends and go for a walk. The perfect way to end the working week and not sit at home. Try to visit different places and move as much as possible!

Saturday: Get organized

Keep your things in order. Saturday is worth doing all the nasty things like washing and cleaning, but still try not to spend the whole day. On the other hand, the Sabbath meant to sort things, and consequently, all the things that you did not want to do for a week, you need to do it today. And then enjoy a Saturday night as wanted!