Digest Mojo Media # 34

So it's time to digest the last in 2017 year. The latter, as the fall of Yuri Shevchuk. Next Monday is the first of January, and we will have no accounting, and you - not to read. He was a good year. Disgusting, but so good. Ahead fussy week, purchase, attempt to distribute the debts, the expectation of the holiday. Then the holiday itself, drinking, fireworks, and in the morning - the emptiness, the frustration, the realization that nothing has changed.

What will be next? And then it will be better. We have seen, we know. It will be more fun, easier and cleaner. Lame run marathons, dumb become wiser, and the water turned into wine. And how to live, if you do not believe in the good? What we are sure of is that we will continue to work and do the best for quality content. And the first of January will try to convince you of that. We are sure of this, and therefore not afraid of seditious words "last"; We do not try to make a selection of the best articles of the past year - we are fine. And yet so many of them that a week is not enough.

Digest Mojo Media # 34

Let's start with BroDude. Magazine employees worked full-year nice, educated, comforted, joked, sadness, trying to justify the confidence. And, as it turned out, the only thing they are afraid of - is television. And in anticipation of the New Year excesses by federal channels the soul is sick. Bless us Stepanenko.

In addition to the items in the "Best", be sure to pay attention to the following.

What a wonderful article we showed up here. If you are impressed by the ability of M. Holmes, the open secret. It is not only the deduction, but also in the increased observation. Yet you have to perfectly navigate in an emergency situation, which will require rapid and precise action. Sometimes analyze what is happening can be vital - it's called situational orientation. About how to master the skill to perfection, and writes Rodion Makhov - only our author, who brings out of the burning house money, passport and carpet, while others shout. And can precisely determine which of the publications staff spent the night with a man, and who - with a woman. Once we have written about the great and noble things that are not ashamed to spend honestly earned. And what a shame to waste - to write forgotten. Not that we imagined themselves pupami Earth - but some people take loans for marriage, buying shoes is not cheaper than 8000, allowed to stand kilometer queue of unknown crap and spend money on such figatatsiyu. If they do not mind the money, the greedy Theodor Sedin'm sorry. So he made a list of the most idiotic ways to spend their money and time.

Digest Mojo Media # 34

The most common city attractions - it's gift card, in which it is difficult to feel the spirit of the city. So how many will leave in the coming festive week - one in Ryazan, and who is in Chicago - Sedin recalled his experience of tourism and suggest the best way to explore a new Goro d.

What apathetic guy who too lazy to get up off the couch? Someone will say, "Writing on the head" and will be right, but Svyatoslav Vlasov wisely: gave wise fatherly advice as part of our regular column "Question dude." We hope that the millions strapped to a chair laziness freed from the shackles. What is really there, the problem is widespread, who does not happen.

And do not forget to look under the heading "Culture", where two opposing articles: brutal about the training of military and refined about books that priobschat to culture.

Now take a look at Heroine, which blossomed over the past year and has evolved from a timid publication in the mighty.

Our gentle Alinochka author knows what it is not necessary to write in messages. Did you know about it? Rules of digital etiquette for all the same, and therefore we recommend to find out what information is best put aside to talk tete-a-tete.

Digest Mojo Media # 34

How did they know? Who passed the masculine? Yes, we understand, we are not particularly in the fingering, but try twisting the hand and forearm. To make this process easier and more enjoyable for both sides, and at the same time reduce the possibility of injury, our authors, and wrote an article, "What guys do not tell you about fingering."

In the article "Sexual symbolism: 5 popular fetishes" simply brilliant entry "How Edmund Shkliarsky wrote, lead singer of" Picnic "," be attentive, choosing a fetish "." After such a worthy Pulitzer entry should be no less fascinating article about BDSM, and other perversions pigmalionizm languid shower. How do they know about Julia Zaykova - we do not know.

Our channels Telegram wish you a Happy New Year, Christmas and birthday Adriano January 6. They have already started to work normally, so it will not have to dig into the archives. Wise "Know!" Cheeky "man lie with me," mobile "They are moving" and saucy "Mole" back in the ranks and are ready to delight excellent content.

In the past year to finalize and bloom our podcasts. Earlier this year, work on them alone leading, at the end of the year - is the other. They become better or worse - the audience decides. In the meantime, let's see what this New Year uttered Daria with your guests and team-mates.

In the show "Wild Ducks" you will hear a compilation of the stories of rescued a year. What could be better stories rescued from the same people?

Dasha and Pasha in the show, "Guys, we have sex" once again talk about love at a distance. Only this time wisely and to show off the girl, not a man. Well, not cope with. Be sure to listen to the show, "We live in this", which came out more than ever sweet and New Year. The boys wish you a Happy New Year, we discussed Christmas underwear, orgy Mexican fish, drunken boar Hryuneka, who became the idol of all the hemispheres, and the citizen, who won a wheelbarrow sitting in jail.

But the "Employee of the Month" was not observed in our pirate studio. Because all employees pass reports, orders and walk at corporate parties.

So in conclusion we call attention to a popular chat Telegram. Perhaps he - your last hope to find a company in the New Year.