Things to do in December

Heaven this December all the time frowns desire to go to work a little hobby to engage in laziness and all series have time to get bored. To inspire you to a productive last month of 2017, I collected some interesting ideas:

to prepare decorations

Things to do in December

To save time during the hectic New Year shopping procuring gift packaging that you meet along the way. Then you do not have to circle the malls in search of curved scissors, ribbons, tabs and bags. To prepare schemes for packaging templates that you can print and even funny memes to decorate greeting cards to your loved ones. If you do not have a separate table for needlework, then you can simply add up all the stocks in the basket in the wardrobe or under the bed.

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Known educational platform Arzamas every week puts a short course on the history, art and sociology. Dedicate a couple of evenings to listen to how hard it was to canonize Joan of Arc, or why the poetry of Anna Akhmatova were so many verses about the lack of love. Entries are free and available as the official site and on iTunes.

And if you are free to possess English language, I recommend the podcast "Women of the Hour", where Buzzfeed journalist in an easy and relaxed manner, communicate with girls of different professions on how to be successful in work, personal life, and even sports.

Find a creative principle

Movie with Cate Blanchett, which executes it immediately 13 roles, and none of them are similar to the previous. In every scene she read manifestos from texts of Karl Marx to statements Kandinsky. The genre of this work is extremely difficult to define - it is artistic and monologues, and deep research work on the analysis of writers, artists and architects. Subtle and ingenious, subtle film helps to understand why it is important to be creative just for yourself.

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Things to do in December

Blog @calorie_fix demonstrates how many actually contain calories in foods. Did you know that white chocolate is much less calories than dark, and big n'tasty-calorie whopper? The author shares his recipes and useful studies which confirm the figures shown in the photo.

Enjoy seasonal products

A simple way to improve your favorite recipes - add some pomegranate seeds. They inhibit the development of arthrosis, possess antiviral properties, as well as reinforce the vessel walls. Pomegranate - an amazing fruit, which is perfectly suited to any salad, yogurt and meat, so do not be afraid to experiment and seek new class combinations.

Surround yourself with things purple

Things to do in December

We have not seen the council that in the wardrobe of every girl should certainly be a little purple dress. Exaggerated image of sexy beauties Jessica Rabbit was created mainly due to a red dress with a high slit, and a dizzying Bond girls dresses usually are made in black and white.

It would seem that the most attractive color of people should be considered black or red. But a recent survey of a large sex shop Babeland companies showed that purple - a color that most people consider sexy. It rarely occurs in nature, making it an exotic and hard to reach. In addition, some shades of lavender suggestive of noble fabrics, which can be easily associated with the royal family. In general, if you want to diversify your image - you can use the color staining Ombre-style add to your office bow purple top, purple or hang garlands on the curtains in the bedroom.