Digest Mojo Media # 31

It would seem that just was autumn and overwhelmed with work, as in the window knocks on the first Monday in December. What we do? Just remember that there is nothing in the list of cases scheduled for 2017 th is not implemented, and write Digest. More we please you nothing. In any case, it is guaranteed to bring pleasure, unlike the game of our team in the group with Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Digest Mojo Media # 31

traditionally begin with BroDude, a magazine that does not understand how you can wear gateways, and the first to show the word "bogurny" humanity.

Maestro Leonid Novak, being a progressive, I realized that to reach new heights in their daily and especially the sexual life can not only with the help of jet dildo and seminars "self-made man, a reptile," psychologist Giancarlo Litvak and two very interesting and unusual posters. Do not say a word, that God forbid do not spoil the impression. Read the article, everything is said and shown.

Grigory Leps said that jealousy - a rat, and prigrevshayasya resettled in his heart, and the album "Thank You, People" of 2000. Rodion Makhov, in principle, in agreement with the winner of "Chanson of the Year" and the man lowered the bloggers on a regular mediocre talent show. Jealousy some trouble. It prevents to think rationally and not only leads to the rupture of relations, but also in the killings. Our author knows how to avoid becoming a hostage of these terrible emotions and deal with them.

Digest Mojo Media # 31

Last week Theodor Sedin had a cinematic overdose. He reviewed all the ceremony "Oscar" for the past 50 years, protested unfair, in his opinion, the decisions and the Academy decided that the award should be handed: Best Actor - Jim Carrey; Best Director - Pierre Woodman; Best Original Score - Mr. Credo; best special effects - fireworks on the Concert of "Na-Na" in the town of Kalach-on-Don in 1995. Inspired by the theme of the movie, he has written countless essays and articles on film, of which only two were readable. First about how Jim Carrey in the movie "Man on the Moon" became the real Andy Kaufman and almost went mad. Some of his actions looked, to put it mildly, very strange, but that was demanded by the role. So could act either crazy or a genius. The second is devoted to the stout fansite films. Still, there are people who do not just read books, play games and watch movies, and imbued with a fictional world and shoot your movie, which differs little from a professional.

Our office came very unexpected question. One of the few people able to read the kilometer-long opus gray hair, asked him to answer a difficult question: Why in Russia such a low salary?

Digest Mojo Media # 31

Theodore tried to answer, but the people in the comments complement. And to be honest, after reading all felt so lousy. If you do not want to spoil the mood, do not read. If bold, clever and skilled, do not pass by.

And we advise to pay attention to the article "8 signs that should rethink their values ​​and life priorities." Text from the category of "cold water in the face": a sobering look at your life. Read regardless of whether you are confident in yourself or not. Sometimes the apparent prosperity is hidden wormhole. It turns out that we're going in the dark tunnel to nowhere, as if deprived of eyes, scent and hearing. Sisters of Heroine ahead of their counterparts, began to anticipate trends of the coming year. They decided to look into the future of music and write about 10 music releases, which we expect in 2018. So, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, and gentlemen serihi, please pay attention to this article, regardless of musical preferences. Whether you love rap or metal taiga - all the most important and anticipated in this article.

Now let's see what else wrote Kudesnitsa women's thoughts.

For example, they glorified the female genius in an article on everyday things, invented the so-called "weaker sex". But our life without these things would be quite different: most likely, is not such a pleasant and joyful. Why? Look at the list and understand everything.

Why men do not see the line between romance and violence? Men are to blame on the behavior of women themselves, provocation. Women have a look, which largely confirms the men guessing. Only now it turns out that what we perceive as agreed, in a meaningless gesture. Another article, which will be useful to read, including men. Something may seem nonsense, but only because we think in different ways.

Our Telegram-channels continue to slowly move away from hibernation. Wise "Know!" Cheeky "man lie with me," mobile "They are moving," showing signs of life, but not the kind that we would like. Believe me, we ourselves are not pleased with this situation, we are working to normalize the work. So far, the most tenacious and active was "The Mole", which teaches to raise children properly. Soon, all the channels will shine as Marie Curie in 66 years. Usually here we acknowledge, as Daria, her friends and guests spoke into the microphone of our pirate radio station. But, alas, guys, this week's podcast will not. Daria is also a man and needs tempering. For a whole year she selflessly winepress fritters, and now she had to be quiet, stay in silence and did not see any questions about sex. But fear not, a lot of rest she still will not give, so that soon Daria returns.

And finally we will, as always, we suggest you join the ranks of our popular chat Telegram. The scandals, intrigue, slander, interviews of samovars, bar mitzvah - any event of your life will not be complete without a bright and chat Mojo Open.